Pitchshifter / earthtone9

Sheffield Corporation

February 9 2001

I've got to say this a minute. I go on a lot about supporting UK bands and all that. I found out a couple of hours before they played last night that Sack Trick were playing Rock City. I was too tired from work to go and see it. And I feel guilty. Guilty cos they're a great band and I wanted to see them again. Guilty for missing a band. Guilty for being a hypocrite? Nah. I know people can't see all the bands all the time, and sometimes you have to be selective about what you see. I know that, I understand that. So before people get het up about my current spate of rantings, realise that I know I don't always practice what I preach. So sue me.

Oops I did it again. Someone must've said that somewhere before.

Yep, late finish in work means I've missed the Lost Prophets again. I will see them, I've got one chance left tomorrow, though if Rock City is it's normal self, I'll still be queuing to get in with most other people while the band are playing to an empty hall.

As I do arrive, I hear the strains of binary 101, which means I've missed about 1/2 of et9 as well. Still, that's somewhat placated by the shock of walking in to a venue that's the busiest I've ever seen in Sheffield. Hmmm, maybe things are looking up. Maybe that heavy revival is real. I make my way down towards the front, as I'm late, I decide that listening to the remainder of the set without earplugs can't do my hearing too much more damage, and so it's the first time I've heard ni9e in it's full effect. It's a massive sound. The crowd subdue somewhat for Yellow Fever, just contributing to my theory that music in the live arena at the moment has to be one dimensional and of the lowest common denominator. Still, Evil Crawling I can end things on a high.

The visuals for Pitchshifter are slightly impaired in comparison to the other night in Birmingham, due to the smaller stage and space. It's still highly impressive though, even if tonight does seem to be overdone somewhat on the strobe.

It's the same set pretty much as before, Genius once more sets everyone off, making you think that it really should've been a chart hit. Dead Battery is dedicated to the people who "used to give me a hard time for liking the Dead Kennedys". One guy after the gig spotting my DK top is on about JS slagging them off. It has to be pointed out that he was actually slagging off the people who didn't like them, not the band. I mean, it's unlikely he's going to do that after having Biafra guest on their album. I can lend you some ear plugs in the future. It helps you hear what's actually going on. Kev the "dancing roadie" is brought out during one of the more drum'n'bass oriented numbers to do his thang, Keep It Clean is once more "dedicated" to the Popstars, Triad and Virus run amok and the closing battery of Everything's Fucked, Un-United Kingdom, What's In It For Me and WYSIWYG is hard to beat.

Another night to be proud of the bands this country can produce.