Human Waste Project Images

Ok, here we go. The details. These are borrowed <cough> from Kerrang! Metal Hammer etc. Currently it's a list, but in time, I'll try and match the image with the story with which it appeared. As both magazines concentrate on Aimee, there aren't many group pictures.

More images will follow when they've been scanned in.

Some of them are quite big files, I'll mark the ones above 100K. They are also just plain BIG pictures. Some of them are also Collages rather than try and cut them up individually. I'll try and make them more manageable in terms of both file size and image size, but that's in the future, I don't really have time now.

Ok, without further ado, here's the list.

New Pics - July 98
  • Aimee at the Last HWP gig
    New Pics - June 98

    Kerrang! Ozzfest review : NEW

  • Aimee & Logan from Soulfly. 185K
  • At the signing tent
  • Aimee live at Ozzfest 300K
  • HWP at the signing tent. 200K

    Kerrang! May '98 : NEW

    Aimee with Dez from CC

    Metal Hammer Ozzfest issue : NEW

    Q & A (Big file, 1.7M. The Q&A article and pic. No time to type it up.)

    Getting the Tatoo. Accompanied the tatoo story. A collage of pics. Big files, pig pics.

    Part 1 >100K

    Part 2 >100K

    Accompanied the buzz band of the week feature. Don't think Aimee is too keen on this.

    Buzz band 94K

    Live Images

    Live 1

    Live 2

    Live 3

    With Tarrie B

    Aimee / Tarrie > 100K

    Applying makeup

    From The LA Invasion feature. Again, pics I don't think Aimee likes too much

    The Finger > 100K

    The Band

    The Quiz

    Quiz pic

    Valentines Issue

    Kissing Rayna from Coal Chamber > 200K

    Miscellaneous bits



    The Kerrang! sampler

    More to follow ....