Human Waste Project

Human Waste Project

It's Over

July 8th, and after all the recent troubles, Human Waste Project have split :(

The final gig is tonight (the 8th) supporting Sepultura.

You can get the as official as it's going to be message from Laura's page here.

Seems to me that the industry has claimed another victim. It's a sick and evil industry.

Professional Murder Music.

First new venture to be announced, is PMM, that's Professional Murder Music, which used to be Jeff's side project.

They recently played with Fear Factory in LA. Here is the gig review.


Aimee's new project is called Hero. Contrary to Metal Hammer's insistence that Scott had sold his drumkit and given up the music business, a lookalike going by the same name is apparently going to sit behind something that looks like a drumkit and hit it. Guitarist Mike Smith is in the band, which is completed by Jamie Miller, who until recently hit the drums with Snot.

You can check the official site here.

Powerman 5000

Well, if you've not heard the news, Mike Tempesta has joined Powerman 5000. Once more, for the full story, you should visit the HWP page. And I mean THE page. The message is located here.

I guess this page will pretty much freeze soon. Once all the press has filtered through about the split, though I will try and keep details on what's going on with the new projects, but they may be under seperate pages. But in terms of a HWP, it'll probably best be left as it was. After all, there's the future to think of, and that's what counts. But for now, I'm tidying a few things up on the front page. Bit sad really, putting things into the past tense where needs be. Hmmm.

Well, Ozzfest has been and gone. The first reviews and pictures are up.

You can still read my take on what happened with Hollywood Records here.

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Not much more really. I'll update with the final bits as they hit the UK press. There should be a couple more Ozzfest reviews soon, then it'll just be the press on the split.

There's also probably a few more images to be scanned in

The first batch are in the Images section.

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My Reviews (New addition Feb 13. Another interview I did with the band, just before Xmas is now availble in the latest issue of the zine YAZ)

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This page isn't intended to be a HWP fan site. It's basically an information spot about the band. A resource for any little snippets that I get from the UK press. There's also my takes on the demo and album, and UK gigs as well. A list of more professional HWP sites for you to visit is at the end of this page.

Stuff is taken from the press. If they really want to complain, well, sorry. Be grateful that people the world over are having the chance to read your comments. And besides, I do acknowledge where I rip the stuff off from.

Who were they?

If you like Korn and have everything they've done, then you have a copy of Jon singing This Town with a band called Human Waste Project. If not, then it's on the bootleg CD's and you should search for it because it's incredible. Even my car stereo likes it. Anyway, after doing the demo, they've been signed to Hollywood records, and the album, E-lux is now available. It's an excellent album. Don't let the Korn tag put you off though if you're not into that sort of music, firstly Aimee doesn't really sound like Jon ;) and there's a lot more subtlety on the album, some lighter moments. Now go get the album. You won't be disappointed.

Official Zine available

I don't know if this will ever see the light of day now!

The official HWP 'zine, called The Waste Land, will be available from mid-January. This has apparently been put together with the help and co-operation of the band. Either snail mail

The Waste Land PO Box 141 Bradford BD2 1XJ

or e-mail




Click here to see the flier for the zine. It's a 800K jpg file.

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