Human Waste Project News

Summer 1997

The band have been into the studios very recently, and re-recorded This Town with Jon from Korn, and it should be available soon. When it is, find it and buy it, because it's awesome. Don't argue, just do it :)

November 1997, the debut UK tour.

Powerstrip will be released as a single on December 8. Probably backed with Electra (from the album) and She Gives (from the last demo).

A double A4 sized poster of Aimee was in this weeks Kerrang!, dated November 8 1997.

A Human Waste Project track will appear on the next free Kerrang! CD, which will accompany next weeks issue. (That'll be released on November 12). I don't know which track it is.

The album will be released in the UK in February. It'll probably have a different cover to the US version. The band will also likely return then to tour in support of the album.

The band hope to be able to take Bullyrag, who've been the main support band on the Tura Satana tour, out to the states with them soon.

The band may support the Deftones next year on the European tour. That is only a tentative may. If I hear anything official, I'll let you know.

Also, the band are playing on December 10 at the Barfly in London with Janus Stark (Gizz Butt, the guitarist with The Prodigy's punk band).

Some people in the UK are working on a Human Waste Project fanzine. When it's available I'll let you know and put all the details here.

December 1997

Powerstrip is released as a single in the UK. The band are back later this week as support on the Coal Chamber tour.

E-Lux is to be released in the UK on February 9th.

January 1998

Unfortunately, the band won't it appears, be supporting The Deftones on their European tour.

The band are voted 3rd in the Best new band category in the Kerrang! readers poll awards, and Aimee is voted 3rd in the Most Shaggable Woman poll.

February 1998

Various problems seem to have been rumbling on for the band and the label Hollywood Records, which resulted in the tour support being withdrawn. This seems to have now been smoothed out a bit. You can read the official details at the bands site. They are now due to hook up on the Life of Agony / Far tour.

Partially as a result of this, the UK release of the album has now been delayed until 2 March.

March 1998

The band are finally released from Hollywood Records after months of trouble, lack of support and lack of finances.

June 1998.

Ozzfest. After all the trials and tribulations, the band manage to make it over to the Ozzfest, and put in a great performance. Band of the day in my opinion. Still waiting to sign a new deal

July 1998

It's over. July 7th and word filters through that they have split up following all the recent problems. This seems to get confirmed on the 8th, and the band play their final gig at LAs House of Blues supporting Troops of Doom (ie, Sepultura)