The Last Word.

The ultimate questions on life, sex and chrimbo festivities. This week, Human Waste Project's Aimee Echo lets it slip to James Sherry.

Last band that blew you away live?

I saw Janes Addiction twice before we left to go on tour and they were amazing. I saw them at The Roxy in Los Angeles, and it was the most incredible, life affirming experience ever. I loved them so much.

Last time you wanted to punch someone?

I do remember one time. We were doing this gig in South Caroline and this guy who was in the front row spent our entire set lifting up his shirt and mouthing 'show me your tits' to me. I finally flipped out and actually said to the crowd, 'Will somebody please punch this guy for me, because I'm kinda busy doing a gig up here!'. He went running after that. It's so boring - if he thought of something a little more intelligent maybe I'd have complied!

Last Time you felt festive?

A couple of nights ago I was standing in the lobby of a hotel in Texas and there was this huge Christmas tree covered in lights and decorations. It made me feel so melancholy looking at it, wondering if I'll actually get to have a Christman this year because of all the touring we're doing.

Last time you fell victim to tour madness...

Two nights ago I had a nervous breakdown, and I actually went missing right before we were due to go and play. I didn't know I was missing at the time, but I said to the band that I was not leaving the parking lot outside the venue, so I wasn't very far away. There were two gigs going on in the same venue, so I heard this other band playing and I was waiting for them to end so we could play - but I was listening to the wrong gig, and apparently my whole band was onstage waiting for me! They were cool about it, though. I definitely lost it that night.

Last time you felt exploited.

I'm pretty respectful of others, and others are pretty respectful of me. I realise that I'm going to get singled out from the band and receive a lot of attention from the press - but I don't think that's because I'm a girl, it's because I'm the mouth.

Our instrument is our mouth and that's why everybody wants to talk to us. I always find it funny when everyone says 'Because you're a girl you get all the attention' and it's not - it's just because I'm the one that talks.

Last time you ate turkey?

For Thanksgiving this year we got to go to Snot's tour manager's family house for a meal. His family invited all the bands into their home, so you had all these freaks eating with this amazingly homely, conservative family. However, at this meal I actually took a bite of turkey for the first time in nine years, and it was really weird.

Then last night I took a valium and drank a glass of champagne on the plane, and they didn't have any veggie meals, so I ate some chicken. I was so screwed up that I didn't care! I'm not a very good veggie at the moment.

Last time you were so drunk the room span out.

At one of the gigs on the tour we just did with Snot, I totally blacked out for about four hours. The thing is with me, when I get drunk I still stay the same. I can be blacked out out and hanging out with you for four hours and you'll not know - and the next day I'll be asking, 'What happened last night?'

Last time something shocked you.

I'm not very easily shocked, but I saw an ad for the Spice Girls moveis today and it said 'Are you ready to see five girls come at the same time?' I could not believe it.

Last time you wanted to strangle a journalist.

I haven't wanted to strangle a journalist yet, but there was this one radio guy who I did a phone interview with, and every other word he used was 'metal'. He was so bad: he kept on asking me how it felt to be 'metal'! I told him that I didn't think I was really all that metal, but he just carried on shouting, 'That's metal, more metal, cool - it was great being metal with you.' I could not believe the guy.

Last miserable Christmas.

One Thanksgiving a really close friend of mine's mother shot herself. To get through it we all spent Christmas together to comfort each other.

Last happy Christmas.

It was the same Christmas. Because of what happened, we made it really special and bought kids toys for each other and tried to be as childlike as possible. We also went on a boat cruise and stayed up nearly 24 hours trying to make Christmas last as long as possible. It was so great but so tragic at the same time. I love Christmas. I feel that if I miss Christmas one year, for the rest of the year, everything's off kilter!'.

Last good joke you heard.

This is really bad! What do you call a blonde doing a hand stand? A brunette with bad breath! That's a really bad joke. I can't believe I just told that ...

Last time someone asked you if you are a natural blonde?

Nobody! Look at my roots.

Last time you didn't like being in a band.

The only bad parts are things like the fact that we've only had four days off in the last five weeks. But I'm a transient soul. I've always lived this way. When I was yuonger I lived on a boat with my family so it's almost the same. On the boat we had similar bunk beds to our tour bus.

How long can you last?

I don't believe in linear time, so obviously I can last for infinity times two!

Living on the Edge.

There was also this little Q/A session with different 'stars'

Human Waste Project (Aimee Echo)

How was 1997 for you?

So amazing. Slow, fast, sad, happy, perfect, horrible.

Who's the coolest person you met this year?

Jamie Miller, the drummer of our tour-mates Snot

Who's the biggest wanker you met this year?

I can't say, cos it's bad. But he's got pink hair, and he stole my cigarettes at our Tura Satana aftershow party in London.

What are you doing for Christmas and the New Year?

Sleeping. And spending time in a bathtub. Actually, sleeping in a bathtub!

Hottest Sound of '97?

Deftones 'Around the Fur'.