Human Waste Project Articles

This page features links to all the UK press features I can find on Human Waste Project. If you have any more, let me know.

Latest addition - July 22 1998

1997 Articles

  • Here , is a review of the band supporting Suicidal Tendencies in LA in March, which appeared in Kerrang! magazine.

  • A mini bit which was in Metal Hammer, not much info, but it's a start at least.

  • Gig review in Kerrang! Ocober 4

  • Some articles in Kerrang! October 17

  • Article in Kerrang! November 1

  • Article in November 1997 issue of Metal Hammer.

  • Articles in Kerrang! November 15 1997

  • Human Waste Project / Tura Satana tour interview feature from Kerrang! November 22 1997. Pretty long.

  • Article in December 1997 issue of Metal Hammer. Pretty long, the best UK interview to date on the band. Maybe even better than mine :)

  • End of tour party article in Kerrang! Nov 29

  • Powerstrip Review in Kerrang Dec 6. Single of the Week!

  • Big HWP Feature in Kerrang! Dec 13 1997.

  • Powerstrip review in Jan 1998 Metal Hammer.

  • Live review with Tura Satana. Jan 1998 Metal Hammer.

  • Live review with Janus Stark. Xmas Kerrang!

  • Interviews with Aimee. Xmas Kerrang!

  • Kerrang New Year issue features. Loads.


  • Aimee's record collection Kerrang Jan 10, 1998

  • HWP in the Kerrang! quiz

  • Metal Hammer review of the album.

  • Articles from Feb 1998 Metal Hammer.

  • Aimee Gets a Tattoo as reported in Kerrang, Jan 24 1998

  • Troubador gig review in Kerrang! Jan 31 1998.

  • Kerrang! Valentine's Day questions to Aimee. Er, X-rated maybe :)

  • E-Lux Review from Kerrang! Feb 21 1998

  • Metal Hammer interview with Aimee. Well, not to be outdone, Metal Hammer goes for it's take on so Aimee, tells us everything about sex.

  • Small bits about stuff like the Ozzfest

    Been a while since there was any mention of HWP in the UK press, but anyway, with the appearance at Ozzfest imminent, there is a trickle starting again. Next week I'll add a scan of a Q&A session with Aimee from the current Metal Hammer. For now though, a new addition concerning the appearance at Ozzfest and the label situation. If you want a slightly alternative, NOT OFFICIAL version, then check YAZ4 for what happened, and YAZ5 for the current situation.

  • The Ozzfest and Label situation - Kerrang! June 6 1998

  • Q & A (Big file, 1.7M. The Q&A article and pic. No time to type it up.)
  • Ozzfest UK reviews from Kerrang! and, er, Teletext.
  • Kerrang! report on Split July 18 1998 issue.
  • Kerrang! review of final gig