This 'insight' into Aimee's fave records was in the Jan 10 1998 edition of Kerrang!

My Record Collection.

This week, Aimee Echo of Human Waste Project.

First record you bought?

Wow! Oh my God. The first one I spent a lot of time with was a Joni Mitchell record, but I don't remember buying it. The first record I ever bought would have to be ... the B-52s! When I was eight or nine, I thought they were absolutely amazing. They were insane, and the girls were so glamorous! From there I got into punk rock stuff.

Last record you bought?

Portishead by Portishead. That is one of the most amazing records of '97. I listen to it religously - it's mellow, but so heavy at the same time. It breaks my heart. They stuff they talk about is like my stuff. Tortured love ...

Record you play to psyche yourself up before a big night out?

It used to be Deftones 'Adrenaline' or Girls Against Boys 'Venus Luxure No 1 Baby' which is amazing. Now though, it's probably the Deftones 'Around the Fur'.

Record you'd play the morning after a big night out?

Spain, 'The Blue Methods of Spain''. Really minimalistic, amazing, soft, moody, tragic, perfect music. I do get bad hangovers I must admit ...

Three records worth 5 K's?

The Cure's 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me', forever and always. It's my favourite record on the planet. Then there's Siouxsie and the Banshees 'Tinderbox' and Janes Addiction'ss 'Nothing's Shocking'. I'm really pathetic, they're all about romance!

Most embarrasing record in your collection?

I actually bought a Mariah Carey record! I thought I could sing along with it, so see if it might help me, but it was such shit I had to stop!

Favourite record to seduce somebody with?

The Cure 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me'. Or the new Portishead album. I've found that works. Most definitely.

Best sex record?

The same ones. Or the New Wet Kojak LP, one of the sexiest records ever. It's the side project of two of Girls Against Boys.

Record you'd love to guest on?

Any PJ Harvey record. Any Janes Addiction record. God ... the last Deftones record!

Record that changed your life?

The Sex Pistols 'Never Mind the Bollocks', which I heard when I was about eight. I just thought it was amazing. I used to jump around to it all the time! I was a horrible little brat...

Record you only seem to like when pissed?

I like any record when I'm drunk. But the Dee-lite album is definitely a good one for that.

Favourite record sleeve?

Uh .. I'd have to say the Beatles 'White' album. It makes excellent use of negative space.

Best record for playing air guitar?

Sepultura's 'Roots'. Thet're amazing. My bass player Jeff turned me on to them. I'm a latecomer.

New release you'd recommend to a Kerrang! reader?

An album called 'Cheer Up' by Plexi. They're from Los Angeles and they have that Girls Against Boys vibe. Either that or Bullyrag - they're great.

Most embarrasing record you've ever danced to at a wedding?

Oh my God! That would be Micheal Bolton.

Words: Jason Arnopp.

My two pence worth

Get any Girls Against Boys album, they're all good. And there are 2 New Wet Kojak albums, the self title one, and 97's Nasty International. Each sleezy and great. And if you want to see the third side of Girls Against Boys, try and get hold of the SoulSide album, which was the hardcore band they were before Scott took over on vocals as well as guitar.