Human Waste Project articles

Ok, a few things in the Feb 98 edition of Metal Hammer, so I'm going to put them all on one page, with the exception of the album review, which is here.

High On Human Waste

Much touted LA foursome Human Waste Project release their keenly anticipated debut 'E-Lux' (originally titled Electrolux before Hoover Corporation voiced their objections) on Feb 8. (Actually, it was originally called Electralux, note the difference in spelling, and it's the 9th, but I'm nit picking now).

Produced by Ross Robinson (Korn, Coal Chamber, Limp Bizkit etc) at his habitual hangout, Indigo Ranch studios in Malibu, work began on Friday September 13 last year (actually 1996, not 1997 as this being in a 1998 magazine would indicate. Sorry, more nit picking :) ) and wound up on Halloween, having been delayed by massive bush fires around the studio. But not even fire, a lunar eclipse or a meteor crashing to earth could deflect HWP from emerging with an eclectic debut album, which mixes emotionally charged metal with hazier pop and psychedelia.

"We wanted it to sound a little raw and convey the emotion that's inside the songs", explains HWP front girl Aimee Echo. "I think it's really beautiful thing when you can bring a pop element to heavy music. As for the psychedelic influence, I was conceived when both my parents were on mescaline so there's nothing I can do about it - it's in my blood!"

HWP were hoping to get a third visit to the UK in March courtesy of the Deftones, but that now looks likely to go to Will Haven.

Aimee on 'The Dogs Bollox'

"My big bed has to be the most amazing thing in my life! You can't imagine how much I look forward to rolling around in it after I've spent weeks in a stinky RV on tour. I love my bed, my bed is my life."

HWP gig review, supporting Janus Stark at the Camden barfly, London.

Just going to include the HWP portion.

Human Waste Project arrive and Aimee Echo looks superb, venting her anger into the microphone with a large dollop of relish. Comparisons to Courtney/Tarrie/Gwen may be close visually, but she stalks the stage with a raw cynicism more associated with someone like Polly Harvey. The band tear through new single 'Powerstrip' beating up Aimee's vocal line and shearing it of its nasty habit of sounding like Alanis Morrissette. 'Electra' and 'One Night in Spain' are deceptively intense songs that drift into Sneaker Pimps / Morcheeba territory, offering intense new dimensions of a band whose blitzkreig sounds seems inevitably to be destined for higher things.

Pete Gabler