Human Waste Project Final Gig review

Taken from Kerrang!, a review of the final gig supporting Troops of Doom (aka Sepultura).

Troops of Doom

Human Waste Project

Tura Satana


House of Blues 
Los Angeles 
Wednesday, July 8 1998 5/5 

As Human Waste Project take the stage, a large group of LA musicians gathers. Members of Tura Satana, Spineshank, Fear Factory, White Zombie and Anthrax watch as the band whip setopener "Shine" into a frenzy. Singer Aimee Echo is dressed glamourously, in a short skirt and platinum blonde hair. But bassist Jeff Schartoff, guitarist Mike Tempesta and drummer Scott Ellis play with a sloppy relentlessness. There's a spark missing. No one plays in synch with anyone else.

And maybe that's because it's Human Waste Project's last show. Ever. Having performed so well at the Ozzfest in Milton Keynes, is seems preposterous that they'd snuff it at this time, but that is indeed the case. "It's been a long, beautiful and tragic four and a half years" Aimee says, "and I dedicate this last song to ... us".

And so she sings the words to "One Night in Spain" and the sad chorus wafts out "we are always losing/Let's go home/It's over." Farewell to the band that never even got a break.

Low Point: The end of Human Waste Project

Verdict: A night of beginings and endings

Joshua Sindell.