Janus Stark / Human Waste Project

Camden Barfly @ The Falcon

London, Wednesday December 10

This appeared in the Xmas Kerrang! Only the HWP part is incuded.


Human Waste Project's Aimee Echo is a star. Before heading out to support coal Chamber on tour, the Project are bringing their brand of twisted LA noise to Club Kerrang!, and Ms Echo is charming everyone with her cool big sister stage banter.

"I guess this is all noew for most of you" she smiles, but unfamiliarity isn't a problem when you're dealing with the Project's dynamic, build-to-the-bouncing-chorus material. Songs like 'Exit Wound' and 'Disease' start with a chunky rumble from bassist Jeff Schartoff before guitarist Mike Tempesta begins slashing across the rhythm with surgical precision. For of the Deftones and Korn - most of you, basically - won't have any trouble locking into the Project's grooves, and Echo's vocal variations give the band more depth and diversity than most of their LA peers. Smart.

Most Rocking Moment : Human Waste Project's set.

Least Rocking Moment : Janus Stark's set.

Best Onstage Quote : I've never been so hot in my whole life. Should we all get naked? - HWPs Aimee Echo gets steamy.

Verdict : An upside down bill.

Paul Brannigan.