Human Waste Project

This articles appeared in Kerrang! dated 1 November 1997

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Human Waste Project

Meet Aimee Echo - LAs new queen of psycho metal

How excited were you the first time you heard Marilyn Manon? Or Feeder? Or Korn? Remember how you insisted on playing their songs to your mates gibbering on about them being the next big thing?

You knew you were onto a winner, and you were fucking right. So we'd like to introduce you to Human Waste Project.

It's a weird old story.Guitarist Mike Tempesta is the brother of White Zombie drummer John Tempesta. Bass player Jeff Schartoff lent Korn bassist Fieldy all his equipment when Fieldy's previous band, LAPD, recorded an album. Singer Aimee Echo is very matey with the guys in Limp Bizkit. She used to own a piercing studio in Huntingdon Beach, where Korn were frequent visitors. And she is, in fact, responsible for the cluster of holes in Jonathon Davis' eyebrow. "He's my baby" she coos.

And where is your own most intimate piercing madam?

"You'll have to guess!"

Formed at the end of 1993 when Aimee convinced the rest of the band to audition her after they'd tried out 200 blokes, Human Waste Project - completed by drummer Scott Ellis - quickly got together a bunch of shit kicking psycho-metal tunes and played their first ever show supporting Manhole (now Tura Satana). Aimee and Tura Satana front vamp Tairrie B quickly bonded, and frequently make for an arresting sight out together on the LA scene. Expect the pair to get up to all sorts of bother when they tour Britain together next month ...

Aimee is aching to hit the UK, and helpfully offers some advice for any brave young K! readers who fancy trying their hand at chatting her up

"Noticing that I'm a girl would be a good start! Most people think I'm much scarier than I actually am, but I'm not. I don't eat little boys for breakfast ..."

Didn't Jeffrey Dahmer say something along the same lines ...

Mike Peake

Out now - Blood Sweat & Fear - Kerrang The Ultra Collection. This free sampler tape is HWP's only UK release to date - and sorry, all copies have now gone!

Well, I'm not so sure about the quality of the journalism, but who am I to say anything.