Human Waste Project

Report in Kerrang! Nov 29, on the end of tour party with Human Waste Project and Tura Satana.

"This has been the perfect end to a perfect tour," gushes Tarrier B, cradling her umpteenth vat of vodka and orange. "Fuckin incredible,! Aimee Echo has kissed me 32 times already..."

Aimee Echo sings in Human Waste Project, the LA newcomers who have joined Tura Satana and Bullyrag on a string of raging dates around the UK. Tarrie speaks as 2am approaches at the Kerrang!/Miller Beer sponsored end of tour party blow out, upstairs at London's Highbury Garage. The room resembles a battlefield as hardened troopers dance on, while others lurch around pissed, blinded by the intense lights.

Seeing as Tarrie's so unbelievebly happy, you'd think she wouldn't have a bad word to say about anyone during the gig earlier on. But no. She couldn't let it lie ...

"I was going to rise above this and walk with grace", she informed the sweaty Garage crowd. "But I'm going to say it anyway. Our ex-guitar player was a piece of shit who drove me fuckin crazy!"

Oh Jesus, that's departed Scott Ueda getting it in the neck. Then there was the security guard who Tarrie ran into earlier.

"I came out to see Human Waste Project play," she tells the crowd, "and a security guard asked to see my pass. When I couldn't produce it quick enough, he decided to manhandle me backstage. Small shit like that leads to big shit..."

Inflammatory as ever. Bassist Rico is probably wondering whether he'll end up in 'chokey' again, but nothing actually kicks off.

Other highlights of this fine set include Tarrie riping up a cardboard Spice Girls cut-out, announcing: "This tour's so great, because no-one can kick us off!", and leading Aimee and Bullyrag singer Robbie onstage for a brilliant collaboration on Nirvana's "Negative Creep".

As the party kicks off, Robbie admits he didn't strictly know the words to the song.

"She asked me to come up and sing it a week ago", he admits. "It's just so demanding to do, so I left her to it. But this tour's been great, man. Our band needed it."

"I was so drunk, it was ridiculous!" giggles Aimee of her performance. She is soon swanning around the dancefloor with her mate Tarrie, as the first of the aforementioned playful kisses occur.

I've had about eight girls try to make out with me tonight", puzzles Tarrie at some point, inbetween stints as DJ. "I don't know where that comes from"

Nothing to do with snogging Aimee surely. Or flirting with a girl in the front row during the gig ("You want me to kiss you? Would that make me a lesbian?"). Or pretending to spank Aimee when she came onstage to sing? No madam, that's certainly a poser.

Somewhere after midnight, a reliable Britrock posses appears, spearheaded by 3 Colours Red's Chris McCormack and Keith Baxter, who have been to see Metallica tonight. Whereas 'Face/Off' director John Woo patented double fisted gun routine, McCormack pioneered the double fisted pint ruse, and immediately puts it to use while trying to persuade a shocked K! snapper to give him a kiss.

Brendan Markham, from top rockers The Driven, is ably propping up the walls, while Rachel Stamp's David Ryder-Prangley takes tonights award for wankered cheekiness. Initially convinced he'll end up in a fight, Mr Ryder-Prangley does his best to make it happen, relentlessly chatting to the ladies and cadging gulps of their booze. He reaches his match, however, with Aimee Echo, who fixes him with a look best described as murderous.

And hey, there's Tarrie and Aimee having another dance around their Uzi holsters. Altogether now, 33, 34, 35 ...