Human Waste Project


Reviewed by Dan Silver and Janus Stark in the Jan 1998 edition of Metal Hammer.

Not too sure about this lot. Aimee's one of those women who thinks a good screech is a worthy substitute for anything approaching a melody. The best thing aoubt them is their Bow Wow Wow cover live. Janus Stark are about to play a London show with them ...

Shop: "Living Colour and Rage Against The Machine have taken acid and they're jamming inside the venue, and BB Mets from Jolt is standing outside singing her own lyrics, and they occasionally keep opening the door!"

Gizz: "The guitar player sounds like he's got fucking awful, knackered old '70s equipment: the drums sound like he's been thrown into a washing machine and put on No 1 for whites - but for whites he's got a lot of black rhythm, which I like - the singer sounds like she's wailing some demented mantra.... it's great, I love it."

Pinch : "Ambitious and very current - maybe even futuristic? And furthermore, I wouldn't kick her off my face".