Human Waste Project

This is the review of Powerstrip that was in Kerrang! dated December 6 1997

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human waste project - powerstrip

KKKKK (5/5)

Format - Four Track CD - Powerstrip(Edit) / Electra / She Gives / Powerstrip (Album version)

It's her, Aimee Echo, new mad bird on the rock block. But believe the hype where this LA mob are concerned? Ohhhhh yes. This be sumptuous stuff, Jim, lad. Ms Echo dishes up a superb vocal performance, giving it the 'ol breathless-deranged-little-girl-trapped-in-the-body- of-a-woman routine, as she channels contempt at bastard male-type creatures of the species. Not to mention a spiked heel in the crotch. Ah, but the agony is ecstasy. Special with a capitol X-factor. A threatening riff, and - like some perverse Jaffa Cake biscuit - it has this yummy sonic swampy bit in the middle. Excellent.

Ray Zell