Tura Satana / Human Waste Project

Cathouse, glasgow.

This appeared in the Jan 1998 edition of Metal Hammer. Only the HWP part is included.

Step inside the Cathouse and Tarrie B's marketability as the embodiement of 'metal girl power' is confirmed by the sight of the demonically cute '666 The Number of the Bitch' girlies only t-shirts on sale at the merchandising counter. More on the Queen Bitch laster, but first a date beckons with the charmingly monickered Human Waste Project.

This LA quartet are an intriguing bunch who, it's got to be said, sound nothing like as dark as their name might suggest, but instead revel in a sound that, on first impressions, seems to touch on reference points as diverse as Janes Addiction and the B-52s(!) Still, for all the occasional poppy edge to bottle blonde front gal Aimee Echo's flights of vocal fancy, there are bouts of convulsive aggression that suggest she's already picked up rather more than the odd tip from the court of Queen Tarrie. Having played their allotted warm up role with some distinction, the reaction of the impressively healthy turn out speaks for itself.

Grahame Bent.