Well, Kerrang! went for the sex angle, so not to be outdone, so have Metal Hammer. Good incisive journalism! This text got scanned, so if there's any silly mistakes, it's cos of that.

In the wake of a hugely successful tour with Tura Satana, Human Waste Projects Aimee Echo is not only known for her vocal prowess, but also as i bit of a looker. Chris lngham gets down to the nitty gritty.


What's the Most romantic thing a man has over done for you?

"Romantic gestures tend to be forthcoming only after something bad has happened. One time my ex and I had a really horrible fight and to make up he put one balloon in the bedroom, one in the living room, two on the outside door, three on the gate and every ten feet or so down the street there would be clusters of these'i love You' balloons until I gotto the car, where he was waiting with a dozen red roses to take me to dinner.'

Do you prefer big romantic gestures or the little ones?

"I prefer romantic gestures that are spontaneous and don't come from being in trouble!'

What attracts you to a man?

"What attracts one person to another is freaky. I find that you either have to be complete opposites or almost completely the same. Having the same likes, saying the same things at the same time - there has to be a connection for me. And they have to kiss good! It doesn't matter how good looking or how intelligent they are, after the first kiss I know whether its on or not!

'I have to be with creative guys too. They have to be a musician, writer or artist for it to work. Accountants need not apply."

What about physically?

"I like really, really thin guys with one of two colours of hair: white or black."

How about Marilyn Manson. then?

'That would work! And the same goes for Perry Farrell, who is an alien.'

Who is the sexiest man in rock?

"There's a few, but I can't name the sexiest because I'm working on him right now and I don't want to blow it! I think Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro are both incredibly sexy,. Chino from the Deftones ... there are soooo many!'

If you were asked to describe your ideal date. what qualities would you he looking for?

'Really good looking or really incredibly bright - both would be a winner. I'm a die-hard romantic though, so they have to he chivalrous but not old fashioned; polite, loving..."

Are you single at the moment?

"I'm working on it...'

What's the best chat-up line that you've ever heard?

'I don't think that there are any good ones, just reaily bad ones."

So what's the worst one you've heard?

"'Show me yourtits', orwhatwas it? Oh yeah, this big, fat ugly guy who looked like Jabba The Hut came up to me in Texas and said,You're so beautiful I'm gonna go home and jack off to you.' God, I nearly threw up!"

Have you ever resorted to using a chat-up line on a guy?

"I have a favourite and it always works. I go up to people that I like the look of and ask em,'Are you married or have a girlfriend or single and if not, can we go out?' Gets em everytime.'

Has anyone over propositioned you whilst you've been doing a piercing for them?

'When you're holding a needle in your hand you have a lot of power over a man, and I think they realise that treating someone with respect in that situation is wise!'

Have you ever deliberately hurt someone when piercing them because they ware disrespectful?

"I haven't, but 1 know people who do. Piercing needles are razor sharp but you can 'tap out' the needle on the side before putting it through the skin which makes it go slower. Ouch.'

Do you have any 'intimate' piercings yourself

"yes." ,

Does it work?

'Yes and no. Having it tends to make a man work harder when he sees it! I also noticed that driving down bumpy roads became much more fun after I had it done!"

How important is sex in a relationship?

'Its incredibly important. I have so many relationships with men that are platonic because I'm literally surrounded by guys on tour, so being physically attracted to a man is difficult for me. The sex element makes all the difference.'

Do you indulge in casual sex?

'No I don't because I find that I get too attached too easily. Casual kissing is fine occasionally but casual sex, no, it hurts too much.'

What constitutes great sex?

'Time. You need to warm up and not dive right in! But tfs also about devoting time to another person who's special, and who you're going be totally into and have them into you with no interruptions.'

Is there a favourite song which brings back particularly good memories?

'Like I said, I'm into taking my time so there isn't one song, its a full record - The Cure's 'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me'. Its a double album!'

What is the strangest place you've ever had sex?

It was in a tree. Not up the tree but actually on the low hidden branches of a huge tree on a major street, right opposite a yacht club by the beach! It was so funny because you couldn't see into the tree but we could see out and I was watching these rich people walking out of the yacht club being all important, and there was I in full flow...

Would you sleep with someone for a million bucks?

'No. I'm not materially minded at all. If he was the man of my dreams the million would be nice, but he'd be better! But you'd still have that weird feeling that you sold yourself.'

Is there anything that you wouldn't do sexually?

"Not if I really loved my partner, there isn't Whips, chains, bondage ... whatever. As long as it wasn't silly, like an animal costume..."

What about a threesome?

'I'm not into sharing at all. I'm very territorial when it comes to love. I find that its actually a turn on sometimes to watch other women hit on my man because at the end of the night, I know he's mine.'

Has a guy ever cheated on you?

'Almost every single guy I've ever been outwith has cheated on me at least once. And once I found out that was it'

Did you seek revenge?

'Its not worth my time. If they want something else, they should take that something else. Usually the 'trail of blood' comes full circle because they start making those phone calls again. And thats when I know they're suffering."

What would you wear for a night out on the pull?

"I find that the people I'm attracted to, and those who are attracted to me, don't go for a looks thing first. Maybe I'm being naive, which I usually am, but I find its split into two categories: the first being guys who see me onstage performing, and the second being those who I meet and get to know.'

Now do you deal with hecklers in the crowd?

"it depends on the situation. At (Nottingham) Rock City a kid shouted, take your clothes off!'and I thought'Well, at least he didn't say 'Show us your tits!' like they usually do!' 'I think if s a natural response for people to want more than you are giving them, and onstage you are on show. I don't find it offensive anymore because it happens so often that I find it really boring, and I just don't care about it anyrnore. 'There was this one guy that was gesturing to me all the way through the set and he was really getting to me. In the end I asked the crowd to punch him out for me and he ran like hell out of the place! "There was another night when I didn't hear what someone had shouted, but the guys in Snot had, and they grabbed the guy and made him buy me a drink to apologise before kicking him out of the club!'

Do you get chatted up by girls?

'Yeah, all the time. I'm actually married to a girl in Mississippi. She came running up, grabbed my hand, threw a ring on my finger and shouted, Will you marry me?' I said yes to get her to stop. I haven't seen her again and I didn't stay the night. I'm not into girls because they're soft small and squishy.

'I had this one girl who totally hit on me in a club and had me pinned to a wall with her top off, coming on to me. That was my major experience with the renegade, hit-and-run lesbian.'

How do you feel about the girls who want to hang out with the guys in your band?

'I think its cute. Sometimes I actually pick up girls for the guys in my band because they're all really cute but they're too nice and shy to do it for themselves, so I bring a gang of girls backstage to hang out for a while.'

Were you ever a groupie when you were younger?

'No, that was never my scene. After spending so much time around bands I've seen how some girls act and although I have this ideal I try to stick to where Irespect everybody, it is hard because I can see how guys might believe that it is alright to treat women as groupies. I don't feel great about it but I've laughed at girls who've come onto tour buses in the past and done things that are absolutely wretched from my point of view. But that's life, and people can sometimes be so disappointing.'

Have you ever tried to talk someone out of embarrassing themselves in that sort of way?

'There's no point because it's a waste of time. Everyone believes that they know what they're doing, and who am I to say what's right or wrong? Maybe acting in a certain way fills a void in their lives. Maybe I shouldn't say this, but occasionally a girl who maybe appears to be one of those groupie sex girls will end up getting the guy

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