Just some snippets in this weeks Kerrang! and the March issue of Metal Hammer

I don't believe it!

This month we re-live Aimee Echo of Human Waste Project's most embarrassing moment.

When we tour around the States we always go in an RV (tour bus). Because the chemicals in the toilet are really expensive you try not to use it all the time. But there was one time I simply had to go, so if you can imagine the bus shaking around me, I finish what I'm doing, stand up and then 'whoosh' - the bus lurches to one side and all the chemicals and 'stuff' flew out all over me!

The thing was a couple of weeks later it came up in conversation and it turned out it had happened to all of us and we'd each kept quiet about it!

Human Waste Project on the Ozzfest.

We are very excited that HWP have been confirmed to play at the Ozzfest. HWP are extremely grateful for all the support that Kerrang! has given them over the past months and look forward to performing on their stage.

HWP will release their debut album E-Lux on March 9. It will be followed in late (?) by an EP. The band intend to play more UK festival appearances and undertake a lengthy British tour this summer.