HWP - Ozzfest Here We Come

Human Waste Project, who recently split with their record company, have insisted they will still be playing at the UK Ozzfest - whatever the cost.

Vocalist Aimee Echo told Kerrang!: "We're definitely coming over for the Ozzfest. We'll come over even if we have to hijack a fishing boat!"

HWP's slot on the Kerrang! stage at the Ozzfest had been under threat following their departure from Hollywood Records in the States, leaving them without a label and without any financial backing.

"Hollywood had a big clear-out and we were one of the bands who got cleared out", explains Aimee.

"We're currently talking to lots of people and we are about to move to a new happy home - well, happier than our last one, anyway. But at the moment I can't tell you what label we will be signing with."

HWP have just finished touring the States with Coal Chamber and Sevendust, and, says Aimee, the band have been financing themselves.

"We paid for the tour as we went along, through any merchandising we can sell. We shifted quite a lot of CDs - 40 or 50 at some shows - so we didn't do too badly. Things have been difficult, but there are great things on the horizon.