The Ozzfest Reviews

Following the successful Ozzfest appearance, here are some of the UK press reviews.

Firstly, Kerrang!

The small obstacle of having no record company was never going to stop Human Waste Project making Ozzfest the highlight of their career, and Aimee Echo's crew are in fine form, hurling out spiteful little chunks of 'E-Lux' into an appreciative crowd willing on the underdogs. "What a beautiful fucking day" hollers Ms Echo, as great biting tunes like Shine, and a juddering Powerstrip ride out on Mike Tempesta's deft guitar slashes and the undulating thud of Jeff Schartoff's bass. Aimee gets the crowd to shout "Fuck Hollywood Records", thanks Coal Chamber for bringing her band out on tour in the States, thus enabling them to finance their trip here, and wins everyones hearts once again by looking completely fucking chuffed the whole time. Star.

Er, The Teletext Service!

Next up Human Waste Project. Bad name. great band. The classy West Coast trash rock brought to mind Janes Addiction or a heavy metal Hole. Or perhaps it was just singer Aimee's bleached hair?

More to come!?!