Each week, Kerrang! has a quiz, this weeks contestants were HWP.

The Kerrang! Challenge.

This Weeks Contestants

Name: Aimee Echo (A)

Scott Ellis (S)

Jeff Schartoff (J)

Mike Tempesta (M)


Collectively, Human Waste Project

Specialist subject:

Garbage ...

Which 2 numbers are either side of 20 on a dartboard.

A: Darts? That's you guys.

S: I prefer pool. Ask me a pool question.

A: Is it 15?

K: No, it's one and five.

S: Who the fuck came up with that?

K: We'll ask the questions thankyou!

In which city would you find St Marks Square?

A: New York

S: Yeah, I got my hair cut there. And I had a pizza. In St Marks Square, in New York. It's a neighbourhood.

K: That's not the answer we've got.

A: We're gonna suck at this.

What is the name of the new ...

A: Re-load.

K: ... Metallica album?

A: Hey! How'd you like that. Psychic!

S: Watch out for her man, she knows what you're doing!

Which of the following is a popular UK soap opera. a) Soaperama, b) Wetlands, c) Eastenders or d) Eradication?

S: Eastenders

J: I would've gone for Soaperama man!

Tigger is a close friend of which AA Milne character?

A: Pooh!

S: We're close friends of poo, too. Earlier I had a brown baby boy.."

K: Onwards.

Where would you find Canberra?

J: Oh damn!

A: I've never been anywhere - and if I have been, then it's been stuck inside a bus.

J: It sounds like a place that would be in the UK, but I guess it's not.

M: I believe that Canberra is in Australia.

Who is the drummer in Korn?

A: David. David Silveria.

Name any two members of Bon Jovi apart from JBJ.

A: Richie Sambora and ...

S: Tori Tamos? Something like that ... Tico Torres!

J: But what's the keyboard players name?

A: Mullet?

Who was/is the drummer of the Sex Pistols

J: Oh that was Matt ... Matt Cook

Rest of band: Paul Cook

Who released the album South Of Heaven.

All: Slayer!

J: Come on man! Too easy. We love Slayer

If you were born on November 20, what star sign would you be?

A: Sagitarius

K: No

A: Scorpio. Halloween is Scorpio too!

Who stars opposite John Travolta in Face / Off?

J: Oh dman it, thats ...

A: Nick, Nick, Nick

J: Nicholas Cage

How much is a copy of Kerrang?

S: 2.50?

Name three members of Marilyn Manson

J: Twiggy Ramirez, Pogo ...

A: That's Madonna Wayne Gacy. And Zim Zum. That's three.

S: Notice how we didn't say Marilyn Manson himself - that's pretty cool huh?

Which of the following is a UK alcoholic drink: a) Boddingtons b) Chaffinch, c) Ginger or d) Chapling?

S: Is it chaffinch?

K: You'd order a pint of Chaffinch would you?

S: I'm chaffing all the time. Boddingtons was too obvious!

Name three members of Pantera

J: Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul and Rex ... rexington

S: And Phil. Ever seen pictures of them when they looked like Iron Maiden?

J: Not Iron Maiden, they were like Cinderella - like a glam band.

S: Shut up man, they'll kick our ass.

Who released the LP 'The Fat of the Land'?

All: Prodigy

At the Princess of Wales funeral, which pop legend sang live?

A: Elton John

How many people walked on the moon before Buzz Aldrin?

A: One! Neil Armstrong.

What is the currency of Turkey?

J: Oh fuck. It's not lira ...

K: Er, it is lira.

J: I said that! Technically ...

Who was the female star of the film 'Contact'?

All: Jodie Foster

A: It was showing on the plan when we were on our way home from our tour with Tura Satana in the UK.

In which band would you find guitarist Meegs Rascon?

A: Coal Chamber.

S: He'll always be Miguel to us. Meegs spells Sgeem backwards, so watch out!

Which film star is in the TV show Third Rock From the Sun?

A: Oh, Lithgow ...

S: John Lithgow.

How many sides does a pentagon have?

M: 5 sides

What are the names of all five Spice Girls?

A: Geri ...

S: I love one of them and I can't remember ... Victoria!

A: Er, geri again ...

S: Scary spice, er ...

J: I have no idea!

A: Melanie! Mel! Two of 'em - Mel B and Mel C. And ...

S: Donut?

Several hours pass

S: Emma!

How HWP scored.

19 out of 25

The Verdict.

After a sluggish and goofy start, Aimee Echo and her boys picked up the pace with a late sprint to a very respectable score. Nice!

Quizmaster: Mike Peake