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Ok, this one was in Kerrang! for Valentine's Day. It also featured Rayna from Coal Chamber, but my fingers can't do all the typing for her responses as well at the moment.

Sister Act

"God, you guys just want dirt!" exclaimed Human Waste Project's Aimee Echo when she and Coal Chambers Rayna saw our frankly filthy Valentine's Day questionnaire. Not that this stopped themfrom talking about fantasies, fetishes, porn, penises or premature ejaculation ....

Words Paul Elliot

Valentine's Day is looming. The perfect time to bring together two of the most shaggable women on Planet Rock for an intimate, no holds barred chat about love, romance and - oh yes - sex.

Coal Chamber's bass playing babe and Human Waste Project's blonde bombshell of a singer Aimee Echo have already snogged each other for the benefit of the Kerrang! camera. Now, they're going to reveal such juicy morsels as their favourite bonking positions, whether or not they've ever faked an orgasm, and their ultimate sexual fantasies.

More tea vicar?...

K! What's the most - and the least - romantic Valentine's Day date you've ever been on?

A - "I've had such bad luck, I don't think I've ever had a romantic Valentine's Day date. It's always the same boring old thing. "Here's your flowers". I hope this year will be different.

K - Define sex appeal.

A - "Ooh! It definitely starts in the mind. To be sexy a guy has to be incredibly intelligent and a great kisser".

K - What qualities do you look for in a man?

A - "I'm always attracted to men who are tall and thin and beautiful and just a little bit feminine. I like a pretty face."

K - What are the best - and the worst - chat up lines you've ever heard?

A - "The one that always seems to work is when someone says they've had a crush on me since they first met me. The worst one was when a guy came up to me and said, 'God - are you good in bed?' I told him, 'I'm Italian'. He said, 'What does that mean?' I said 'It means I'm a good cook!' He said I should call him, but of course I didn't. That was the worst chat up line ever!"

K - What things are guaranteed to turn you on - and off?

A - "Spending hours in bed with a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream turns me on. The Phish Food flavour is amazing; chocolate with marshmallow pieces and little fudge fish. I can't tell you what I do with the fudge fish, but the fact that they're fudge is definitely a clue. I get turned off when someone plays video games instead of paying attention to me."

K - Have you ever had a one night stand?

A - "No. I have an incredible emotional attachement to sex. I don't like to put myself in a hurtful place"

K - Have you ever faked an orgasm?

A - "No! Why fake them. Isn' the point to have an orgasm? I'm not so hard to please"

K - How often do you make the first move?

A - "A lot of the time. I did with my current guy. I just said to him 'I have a crush on you.' He said 'I have on you too!'"

K - What's the most embarrassing thing a fan has ever sent you?

A - "A fan asked if he could send me his underwear. I said sure! I don't know what he expects me to do with them."

K - Is size important?

A - "Size is important in clothes and cars - but if you're talking about sex, I'd say probably not."

K - What's your own sexiest feature?

A - "Probably my voice. How would I describe it? I'll leave that to you!" (It's smoky and very sexy - ed)

K - Porn. Is it sexy or what?

A - "Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I've never really watched porn, but I imagine that it could be incredibly sexy. But romance is sexier."

K - To what extent do you flirt?

A - "I was born a flirt. It's something that's totally beyond my control, something I can't stop doing."

K - Foreplay. Discuss ...

A - "Discuss? I can't believe these questions! Okay, how about this? I'll say one word: lots! Oh goody goody! Yum yum! Everybody's entire life should revolve around foreplay, I mean anything. It could be a phone call."

K - What's your favourite position?

A - In front of a microphone. God, you guys just want dirt don't you?"

K - Would you ever pose naked for a magazine?

A - No. I wouldn't torture anyone with that.

K - Would you ever sleep with another woman?

A - Sleep or have sex? Women are beautiful, but if you're talking about sex, they're far too squishy and soft for me.

K - Any fetishes to declare?

A - Corsets. I'm terribly into them. They take your breath away and they look great.

K - What do you feel most sexy wearing?

A - Nothing.

K - Premature ejaculation: what do you do about it?

A - I guess the only answer is, 'Jeez, we'll see what happens later'. Maybe it doesn't really matter. It's the fun that you're having with the person that's important.

K - The G-spot: what's all that about?

A - God, I don't know! Maybe that's what the G stands for.

K - Brains or looks: what's more important?

A - Brains. Because anyone can look good, but I need someone with intelligence to entertain me.

K - Which member of your own band would you least like to wake up next to - and why?

A - Any of them. That would be horrible and incestuous. They're my brothers.

K - Men - what's the youngest you'd consider dating them?

A - Right now, my limit with young boys is 20. My limits are 20 to 28.

K - Top or bottom: which do you prefer?

A - It varies from time to time, both in terms of attitude and position.

K - What's your worst breaking up story?

A - When a long time boyfriend took off for a weekend and never came back. He was going on a skiing trip and was taking a girl woth him because she needed a ride. He called me from his brother's house saying he was stuck in the mountains, but I did a little detective work and found this other girl's number. I called and she said, 'What's the matter, can't find your boyfriend?' After that, my boyfriend came home and tried crawling into bed, so I asked himif he loved me and he said, 'Of course I do'. I said 'So why are you fucking her?' He ended up living with her. That guy was my first real love.

K - Have you ever been on a blind date?

A - Yes, and it was awful. I met this person over the phone by accident when I dialled a wrong number. We agreed to meet over lunch and he turned out to be the complete antithesis of everything I desire - a completely straight jock type, very white American Republican male.

K - Where is the most unusual place you have 'done it'?

A - In a tree. You figure it out.

K - What will you be doing with your loved one this Valentine's Day?

A - I'm going to be on tour and hopefully he's going to be with me for a day or two. We'll be somewhere in the Midwest, so we'll have to be pretty creative about finding fun things to do.

K - Describe your ultimate sexual fantasy.

A - The man of my dreams shows up with a parasol - I'm crazy about parasols - and he has my name emblazoned across his chest. He sweeps me off my fet and locks me in a room for five days - with him, of course!


Asked their rating of the following:

Jon Bon Jovi.

A - Okay, he is at least breathing, but he has absolutely no sex appeal. He's a boring housewives fantasy.

Horn Rating - 1 out of 5

Gavin Rossdale.

A - He's got that cute boyish charm.

3 - 5

Jonathon Davis.

A - That vulnerable child thing works pretty well for him. I'd want to take him home and feed him.

4 - 5

Mark McGrath

A - He's a cute one. He's also a friend. He's not irresistible, because I've managed to resist him, but he is the funniest guy I know.

4 - 5

Lars Ulrich.

A - Euuwww! There's nothing attractive about that man whatsoever. Bleurgh!

0 - 5