Human Waste Project

These articles appeared in Kerrang! dated November 15 1997

Human Waste Project played their last gig in Hollywood before heading off to the UK to support Tura Satana on the Kerrang! sponsored tour that's now underway amid much fanfare. And inevitably there was a post-gig party, held at singer Aimee Echo's place to send the band off across the ocean proper style.

The revelry went on into the early hours. But Aimee ended up hiding in her bedroom with a friend, while members of Tura Satana, Plexi, Hole, Red Aunts, Bluebird and Goatsnake had their run of the place. Even former Nine Inch Nails man Chris Vrenna was spotted enjoying himself.

Aimee eventually surface in the pyjamas, but only to put some laundry in the washing machine. And she certainly shied away from joining in a game of Truth-Or-Dare.

Lisa Johnson.

Human Waste Project - Dog (track on free CD with this issue of Kerrang!)

Fronted by blonde siren Aimee Echo, LAs Human Waste Project are at the very forefront of their hometown's new metal explosion. Like Tura Satana before them, the 'Project take mangled riffs and unstoppable dynamics and mould them to their own ends. Take it from us, this is going to be massive ...

Radio Kerrang! cut: 'Dog', a prime slice of Wastage taken from their E-Lux debut, due out early next year via Hollywood Records.

Tura Satana, Bullyrag, Human Waste Project.

Rio's Bradford, Monday November 3


"Wait, let me ask you one thing", grins Tarrie B, as she removes the mash of sweat and cosmetics from her farce, "Are you going to rip our show apart like everyone else? All I read in Kerrang! these days is 'she's a fat-ass, ugly bitch'".

Tarrie B is feeling a little abused right now. On the graffiti covered wall of Tura Satana's dressing room, someone has scrawled 'Tarrie B can suck my dick, you arrogant cunt' in marker pen. "I think oneof the SPice Girls wrote that about me", she laughs.

This is Tura Satanas firt British date in almost a year, and their debut under the new monicker. The TS camp has seen more turbulence than it needed recently, with the departure of long standing guitarist Scott Ueda after one too many rucks with the opinionated Ms B. His replacement, Brian Harrah, has had barely a week to learn 13 songs. Understandbly, this is a nerve wracking experience for the amiable six string ("He thought I was gonna kill him if he fucked up!" smailes Tarrie later).

But Harrah will have to wait for his baptism of fire. Sometime around eight o'clock, Human Waste Project hit the stage running. As singer Aimee Echo rocks back and forth on her heels, nervously twisting her blonde dreadlocks between her fingers, she leans forward and whispers, "Come closer, don't be scared". Like a hardcore Jane's Addiction with a less sickly Gwen Stefani ion vocals, they manage to be psychedlic and psychotic at the same time. Human Waste Project are the hottest band in LA at the moment. It won't be long before the buzz reaches these shores.

If Human Waste Project warm up the crowd, then Bullyrag cook it. Five wild Liverpudlians armed with samples and loudhailers, they throw everything from jungle to hardcore into the stew, then sit back and watch it all bubble over.

Bradford loves Bullyrag's manic noise. From bouncing opener 'Wishing' tot he unbridled ragga-metal of debut single 'Frantic', the Scousers have the audience eating out of their hands. By the time their set crashes to a close, the only people not drenched in sweat are the suckers who ducked out early.

"I wonder who'll be brave enough to stage-dive?" asks one fan in the queue for the toilets before the headliners come on. He's not wrong to be afraid: the sdtage is Tarrie's space; invade it and your fucked. Tonight, Tarrie B looks like a star. Wrapped in a full length fur coat, she, Harrah, bassist Rico Villasenor and drummer Marcello Palomino ooze confidence. Letting rip with a yell that would grind most male singers into the ground Tarrie pounds into Dry and the crowd is washed away on a wave of aggressive euphoria.

Bolstered by the martial rhythms of Palomino and Villasenor, they slam into the headcase rant of 'Down@ and the whirlpool that has formed in the middle of the crowd spins like a catherine wheel. "Stop being the fucking girlfriend" the singer snarls at the mass of young girls grouped at the front. "It's time we make our mark on rock'n'roll".

The quartet blast through 'Relapse' and 'Scavenger Hunt', and it sounds like nothing short of brutal, Tarrie falling to her knees and emptying her lungs into the microphone. They finish with their awesome cover of Nirvana's 'Negative Creep', ripping the heart out of the song and making it their own, then beat a hasty retreat from the stifling sweaty atmosphere, to collapse into a heap backstage.

"That was amazing", grins an exhausted Tarrie B when she catches her breath. "Ya know, I think I could get used to this ..."

Most Rocking Moment: Tura Satan's show-stopping cover of 'Negative Creep'.

Least Rocking Moment: Not one.

Best onstage quote: "Do you reckon you can get onstage withou making a mess of the gear? - Bullyrags Robbie Awork encourages some audience participation.

Verdict: A new generation of bands ready to take rock into the new millenium.

James Sherry