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Human Waste Project Sites

Band site

Eric's official site

Zack's site

Toms site - The Waste Land.

Hollywood Records HWP site.

Exit Wound Fiona's site

Dan's HWP page

Related Stuff

Otherwise known as miscellaneous bits.

Cellophane - band featuring former HWP guitarist.

The 12th Planet - The book which according to Aimee inspired the name Human Waste Project and some of the beliefs behind it.

Pleiadians - ask Aimee.

Spirit - site about spirituality, and all that stuff (from which you can find the Pleiadians work



The primary major thanks are to the band, for the music, and for when I've interviewed them, for being nice, and not killing me. Those thanks extend to Dan also.

The other major thanks are to Laura, supplier of info, and also, incredibly, for putting up with rambling e-mails.

Thanks to Eric for use of the initial picture on the site. After that, well, thanks to the unknown photographers in many cases. The images are snagged, with permission, from Laura. After that I know very little about who took the pictures.

Also, to Kev for first copying This Town and the demo, and all the people who have passed on info to me. Nice one, cheers!