New CD reviews

Well, I intend trying to post the new CD reviews on-line before the they go into the printed zine, so that hopefully they'll be more uptodate. There's nothing worse than having a new CD early in the existence of a new issue that you want to shout about, and by the time the issue is finished, the CD is 3 months old. So this is to try and remedy it.

  • March 2000 earthtone9 EP.
  • April 2000 Angelwhore, Hardcore Superstar single, Sorhin, Creep demo, Day Be Mine
  • May 2000 New Wet Kojak, Porc's Cutlet, LARD, Vovod, Pantera, Absolute, Commercial Breakdown #2, Waste demo, Lacuna Coil EP, Trenchfoot demo, Violation demo, Idlewild, Mindjuice demo, Fragment, Silencer 7, Desecration, Oratory, a silver mt.zion, Tyrant, Shelter, Fracture zine, Dilem-ahhh zine, Blindspot zine, With Harmful Intent zine, Iron Maiden single, Age Of Ruin demo, Rabies Caste, Firefight zine, Hamlet, Einherjer, Sil Khannaz, Vociferation Eternity, Darzamat, Chaoes Feeds Life, Thornclad, Redslightflash, Seafood, The Jellys, One Minute Silence.
  • June 2000 Iron Maiden, Medulla Nocte, Automatic sampler, Stampin' Ground
  • July 2000 GF93, The Step Kings, Orange Goblin, Snub, Glassjaw, Sunn, Motorhead single. - New additions July 25 - A Perfect Circle, Apollyon Sun
  • earthtone9 - arc 'tan 'gent - July 17