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YAZ was a zine. Interviews, reviews, opinions. It was about doing something, going out looking for music, trying to do something. However, YAZ is no more. The archives are here. Inevitably there will be broken links as you navigate, and many will return to here rather than the original home page. Tough - live with it, cos I can't be arsed to change it.

If you find contact addresses etc, chances are they are no longer valid. Like I said, historical purposes only

You may well be re-directed here from the old site, if you still want to try and find the page you were looking for, feel free to browse.

Stuff in place of YAZ?

At the end of doing YAZ, I still thought the occassional thing would happen, just not very often and frankly, when I could be arsed. I called it my Voice of Apathy.