Well, it wouldn't have been possible without the help of those who helped! Thanks to the people who have contributed interviews, reviews and whatever. Thanks to my CD player, for playing the CDs, and the tape deck for playing the tapes. Also to the bands who let themselves be drawn into doing it. And I guess to the people that tried to set up this thing in the first place. Names are withheld at this point to protect the guilty.

Luvvie enough!

Ok, here's a list

In no particular order

  • Mosh - for the decent interviews
  • Lizz & Claire - for more interviews
  • Rob - for info and a decent mailing service for decent bands. Check the Honeycrack pages, and as they are no more, the new band pages.
  • The word 'decent' for existing.
  • Ian - For setting it up in the first place
  • Paul - For arguing with Ian on setting it up. I think.
  • Luke - For arguing with Paul and Ian and being a 'bouncy goth!'
  • Anyone else - who argued with anyone else about setting it up. Wasn't constructive, but it was fun to listen to.
  • ...and whoever isn't on the list that should be. More reason to get involved next time 'iinit.