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Ok, here, I hope, is the printable version. If you want to download it and print it out fine. Acknowledge the other people that did the interviews is the main thing I ask. They kindly allowed me to use the stuff, so respect where it's due. The other thing is, if you do print it out, mail me and let me know. Just so that I can get an idea of who and how many. I may do similar again in the near future, and it would be nice to know. Cheers, and enjoy.

Oh yeah, and it doesn't contain everything that is one the web version. Space constraints and all that malarky

Postscript version

HTML version, all in one document for printing. Kind looses the layout, but it may be a way for some people to print it out.

If you print it, mail me and let me know. Just for numbers.

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This issue was made available September 29. All interviews included predate that- duh, like obvious.

So you found it then. Good, take a look at what's around.

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Sepultura - Mosh
Fear Factory - Mosh
Dog Eat Dog - Mosh
Jellies - Lizz
System of a Down
Scratching Post
Honeycrack interview - Claire



Voivod - Phobos
Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E
Life of Agony - S.S.S
Human Waste Project - Electralux




Gravity Kills Entombed
Machine Head Sick of it All
Faith No More Handsome / Midget
Napalm Death / dBh Wildhearts
King Prawn Gorilla

Miscellaneous debris

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