Human Waste Project


Going to take a few liberties here, and review this little beauty. I've been lucky enough to have an advance tape of the album for a few months now, and with it's release imminent, it should be ok to do this review. And it also means that finally, I should soon be able to get a copy of a CD as my tape will probably be knackered soon. A few of the titles may be slightly different in the final release. I think some of the brief instrumental titles will get merged. Anyway, the background.

If you like Korn and have everything they've done, then you have a copy of Jon singing This Town with a band called Human Waste Project. If not, then it's on the bootleg CD's and you should search for it because it's incredible. That's how I found out about the band. Much more, ie, history, I'm not so sure on. What I am sure about though, is that they have the potential to be a great band. It was obvious from that recording, the demo backed it up further, and this is the real proof.

HWP are a band who share some commonalities with Korn etc, in the power, but have more subtle moments. So if you like Korn, there's a good chance you will like this, but if you don't then don't assume that you won't like this. You may well do. It's different. Don't let any prejudices rule reasoning. At times they remind me of Janes Addiction, other times they are crushing. Kerrang! described them as having elements of Rage Against the Machine and early Nirvana. They've supported Suicidal Tendencies. So there in itself is a pretty diverse mix, meaning that really, you've a good chance of liking this, if you give it the opportunity. They manage to mix it all up, and still stay interesting and not disappearing up their own assholes.

And Aimee's vocals shine throughout it all. She sounds great on everything, whether it's a delicate trip, or the aggresive fuck you of Powerstrip. A vocal for all occasions although I guess some people will say they don't like them. Still, there seems to be a real passion in the voice, none of the bland bollocks you sometimes get.

So, a quick run through this thing

  • Graverobbers from Mars - Aside from one of the best song titles of the year, this is basically an intro which brings to mind Janes Addiction circa the Ritual album. Eastern tinged, it just sets things up.
  • Disease - That Aimee means it in her vocals becomes apparent pretty quickly into this track. I'm just a girl, without apologies. You soon learn that she mixes it. Great song.
  • Drugstore - sizeable riff, that reminds me of some of the moments from the Lard albums, ie, simple, but damn effective. Difference here is that it breaks up and go into other stuff, like most songs do, unlike Lard who pound it through to the end.
  • Exit wound - just a cool song. Great vocal, sexy, you can here a clip here and read the lyrics to it here .
  • Catfish - this is just a brief instrumental interlude sort of thing. Not much you can say about those sort of things. Some work, ie Blind, Tool's latest, others don't. This does.
  • Shine is more evidence of the mixing up of vocals. Great chorus, good song.
  • Hold Me Down - a really familiar sounding bass riff opens this one up, I think the Wildhearts Naievety Play is the one I'm thinking of. Heavy start and main riff, before a lighter effective chorus.
  • Electra - Slower, moody. Evocative is the word people use for this stuff I believe. This is where the band show they can change styles effectively. Really dreamy sounding vocal before the song builds to the finish. Takes you by surprise after whats gone before. Also takes a few listens to accustom yourself to the change, but worth it. One of the slow builders.
  • Drowned - continues where Electra left off in terms of mood. Reminds me again of Janes Addiction at times with an eastern feel to it. Soon picks up the pace.
  • Interlude - another slower song. 2 out of 3. That may be the only real flaw with the album, in that those after louder stuff will maybe skip this middle section, saying that the album looses steam or stuff like that. However, if you persevere, then you get your reward, and if you skip, then it's your loss.
  • Powerstrip - many will jump to this. One of the absolute highlights of the album. Heavy intro, bouncy, pissed off kinda lyric. One of the best choruses on the album, this should be outstanding live.
  • Spokejam - a little jam. See Catfish comment.
  • Spain - a familiar intro. This feels like maybe one of the more commercial songs on the album, though I have trouble picturing it being played on UK radio. Still, shows another side to the band.
  • Slide - powerful, catchy, fast and in possession of another great chorus. Shows that the wah effect can be used and be effective, even if Hammett from Metallica overuses.
  • Dog - track from the demo, slightly reworked. When I first heard it on the demo, I was thinking Punkish sort of stuff. Now I think it's got quite a bit more to it than that. It is a great song whichever way you look at it.
  • Get With It - finishes the album with a great, heavy but simple riff, and a laugh at the end that tells you that whichever way you look at the album, from the dreamier moments to the intense ones, the band still had fun, which is what it's all about.

    So that's it. As you can tell, I'm shite at describing how songs sound. Songs weren't meant to be described, they were meant to be listened to, and that's what you should do here.

    Sure, I have criticsisms. She Gives off the demo should've been done, as should This Town, the track that started it for me. Fortunately, the band have apparently been in the studio, re-recorded This Town and it will be released immediately/summertime. The sort of song which would sound absolutely wonderful on the radio, and if you've heard it, then you know it has no chance. Still, they're re-doing it, and more people should be able to get hold of it which is the important thing. In order to spread the HWP. Watch out for this band. And remember, the UK's a great place to tour :)