Human Waste Project demo tape.

Well, I don't really know a great deal about this band. They were brought to my attention on the Korn mailing list by the fact that Jon had recorded a version of This Town with the band. If you ever get the chance to hear this version, do so. It is awesome. Production might seem ropey, but it gives it that added edge. Anyway, as a result of hearing this, I was able to grab a copy of the 2 track demo that the band made, and that is what I'm about to review.

The 2 tracks are called Dog and She Gives. And the production is noticeably different to that of This Town, giving it to these ears, a slightly lighter feel, which really is the only drawback I can think of with the entire demo. Musically, it kind of treads into some punky areas, but not in the Green Day way. There's a lot more going on. Pick of the songs is She Gives, which switches from Aimee (I believe that's her name) switching on from a sweet kind of vocal into real aggression. And it's her vocals which are the star of the demo.

The band have now been picked up by Hollywood Records, and apparently the debut album should be available some time in March. God knows where you can get hold of the demo, you'll probably just have to ask around, but if you do, get it. It's killer.