The Final Words

So there you have it, another fun filled issue over. Sorry it took a while. The CD held things up. But that’s ok, #11 is half finished. And nothing like enough space to fit in everything that I wanted to. But I’ve made it safely through to double figures. Hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn’t, well it’s tough shit really isn’t it. Bit of a stressed one in places what with trying to get the CD thing sorted out amongst other things. Also a bit heavy this time, but hey, that’s just the way it goes. Maybe next time it’ll be light and breezy. And maybe not. But, I’ll tell you this much. It’ll feature interviews with Earthtone 9, Sack Trick (cos I will finish it, honest. You’ll find out), Kill II This (if I can be arsed), Skinlab (if it’s anything like decent), Cay and whatever else. Of course I reserve the right to have just lied totally to you about all that. Hopefully over the course of the next few issues you can expect interviews with a lot of the bands on the CD, if they’ve not been done before. Haven’t actually told the bands yet. They’ll be soon hopefully, cos I know that a lot of the bands are currently in, or about to head for the studios. So they should have plenty of new stuff kicking around soon.


Firstly, and most importantly, to everyone who helped make the CD thing happen. Thanks. To the bands for allowing me to use the tracks. And extra thanks to the people who assisted me through the murky waters of how to put this thing together and helped bailing me out at the last moment, especially Kaye, Daniel and Dan - Nice one cheers. And to anyone who has bought this zine. Cheers for decreasing the debt a little.

Cheers to Graham from Intoxicated for the live images accompanying most of the interviews, Vickie for the contribution to the Garbage review and supplying various tapes again, Andy A for helping sort out the System interview, along with the false information, Stella for the Nuclear Rabbit and Laura for Hero. And whoever else wants to have an acknowledgement. Consider yourselves acknowledged.

How to get a regular YAZ.

Here we go again, the user guide to getting a Yaz.

If you picked this up from some shop somewhere, well, chances are that future issues will be there as well. Possibly. Though ever more unlikely. If you got it in the post from me, here’s what to do.

Send me an A5 SAE. When the next issue comes out, I’ll send it in your envelope. When you receive it, send me another A5 SAE. That way I always have one in advance for a future issue.

If you decide not to send an A5 SAE after receiving an issue, then I’ll assume you don’t want any more, and so I won’t send any! Simple eh?!

If you don’t like that, well I’m afraid that’s tough. Come up with a better system. I can’t afford to send copies to everyone from my own finances. I don’t make anything from this, I actually loose money every issue. So it helps me financially and saves time. If you don’t like it, well, try doing one youself and you’ll soon discover a few things. Next issue will probably be back to being free. Possibly. Though I may go to a 50p charge.

And how regular is YAZ?

Cheeky! Depends on the bowel movements. I try to get an issue out every two months or so. But failed miserably the last couple of times. Oh well. Next one due sometime in June. I hope!

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Issue 10

Bands, labels or whoever!!!! Want something reviewed?

Well, if you do, it’s simple really, if you want something reviewed, be it demo (which I’m always after), or your labels stuff or whatever, then send it to the address which is below and I’ll do it.

I try to review everything I receive, though it may take a couple of issues, but it will get done. Trying to review everything I receive means that if I don’t like it, then that’s what gets said. You takes your chance.

And in case you’re still wondering what stuff I listen to and review. Well, I hope I’m reasonably open minded and cover most stuff. Metal, punk, hardcore, light, heavy, commercial, extreme ... whatever.


Well, I still like it, so I claim that it’s not someone who walks into a record shop and asks for a disc!

All spelling mistakes are intentional and on purpose, designed to test your skill of observation and not down to stupidity on my behalf. Well, not all the time. Factual mistakes are usually mine, but could be blamed on the computer, or the government, or just the little green men.

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