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Please bear in mind that this on-line version is basically taken directly from the printed version. There it all makes sense and flows together, but if there are references, time references and stuff like that, which just don't seem to make sense, well it's cos this isn't in the same order. Maybe next time I should just design this as Page 1, page 2 etc.

The Yaz CD Details

For those reading on the 'net, the intro might not make much sense. See, here's the deal. The printed zine costs 3quid and comes with a 17 track, 73 minute CD featuring UK bands. Some signed, some unsigned. It's the focal point of this issue. Now, I can't put up samples of all the bands, because I'd have to go seeking permission once more, and that took long enough for getting the CD done. If you click here you'll be able to read about who's on the actual CD.

YAZ 10. Finally reached double figures, and as a result, this is probably the most adventurous one yet. Maybe not in terms of layout or whatever, thatís still as crap as ever. But the content. Some big name interviews in here, including Sepultura and System of a Down. And of course, the biggest thing of all, the CD, Yazcore Vol1.

So whatís the reasoning behind that? Well, Iíve ranted enough times about new bands, UK bands and the fact that some of the mainstream press donít really do much to support it and encourage people to check it out. So, I thought it would be kind of nice to put something together showing what Iím talking about. The bands that exist in the UK. Some of the bands that I think deserve just a little bit of support. Unfortunately thereís so many bands I didnít have room to include. Some styles of music that arenít featured simply because I ran out of space. Maybe next time. Can there be a next time please? Cos thereís bands like Grand Central (more next time) and Schema with their emo style, Scribble with their sort of alternative style, Swampdiva, Breed77 with the metal, Consumed, One Car Pile Up, Vanilla Pod with the melodic punk. And so much more stuff. And itís all on your doorsteps. Well, maybe not literally, but itís out there. Go and look. Tell me about it. Tell others.

And yep, the title is complete and utter cack. I spent ages trying to think of something and failed. Well, not really failed, but some of the ones I came up with were Really bad. Then it was obvious. It seems that these days all you have to do is add a ďcoreĒ to something, and youíve suddenly defined it. Which is complete and utter bollocks. Because it immediately seggregates music into categories which ultimately prejudices views against it. Yazcore (I canít believe Iíve gone with that name), has metal, alternative, poppier lighter stuff. Itís a mixture, though still there are a number of styles not represented on there that Iíd have like. Cíest la vie. If thereís a Vol2, maybe that can be remedied. As a title itís meant to be absurd. I hope that people ignore that and concentrate on the music it contains instead. Surely thatís the whole point to it really.

Anyway, another point is to prove that you shouldnít believe everything you are told. I mean, if I can put together and put out a CD for minimal cost, then a major magazine or corporation can. Donít believe them when they let on that they are really doing you a massive fucking favour. All it needs is to be able to co-operate with people who havenít got their head up their own arse or someone elses arse. Luckily the bands and people who helped out with advice and answers to questions were co-operative and helpful.

Itís to try and help the bands, pure and simple. Iíd have thought some people would want that, but no, some are only interested in the major players. Which is fine if it comes off, but small gigs, small venues, zines, that sort of thing are the lifeblood of music. You can ignore them if you want, but it doesnít help your cause. The industry is about money, and being flavour of the month. Not about the music. I hope this is still about music.

Anyway, it remains to be seen how this actually pans out. The initial bit is done, now itís time to wait. I could end up with egg on my face, which is fine if itís cooked, but I donít really like raw egg. Iíd like that it could become a regular (annual?) thing. Iíd like for other bands to want to try it out, and to get involved. Spread the word.

And I donít expect anyone to agree with the track-listing and like everything on there. Itís pretty varied, a lot of the recordings are demos. But if people pick up on a band theyíd not heard before then itís been worth it. If anyone decides to give listening to demos a chance based on the strength of it, then itís worth it. And if anyone starts giving the bands the support they deserve, then itís worth it.

But given all this ďsupport UK bandsĒ thing, why are the interviews with name American bands? Well, a few reasons. One is because I have them, and they need to be used! They basically were the next in the pecking order so to speak. Another reason is that I basically am pretty uncertain about people paying for a zine, let alone 3 quid. I justify it by pointing to the CD, but to try and provide the final clincher, Iím using the lure of big names to prise the money out of people. I need to, because at the end of the day itís me who has stumped up the money up front to pay for pressing CDs, booklets and printing this zine. And I need to get some of that money back. If I donít shift them, then I loose a shit load of money. Itís as pure and simple and honest as that. Hell, if I sell them all, I wonít make money cos of the price this is being sold at. These interviews are possibly a way of enticing people. And who knows, maybe some people that have never read this zine before will get it for the first time, and maybe come back and visit again in the future if they like what they see. And then theyíll see more of the lesser known bands again. Basically if you want, you can say Iím selling out with this issue. But if that means that some people pick up on some of the bands on the CD, then thatís good enough for me.

Must apologise for some of the material in here being out of date as well, cos zineís arenít about topicality. Well not according to Metal Hammer. Weíll ignore then that there was an interview with SOAD in Yaz before they were signed and before Metal Hammer et al had written a word on them. Or that no-one else seems to have reviewed the PMM CD done over 8 months ago now. Or that just as a lowly one man operation, sometimes it takes a while to get an issue together and the cash to print it. Oh yeah, and that certain magazines sometimes take months to review stuff anyway, therefore making it seem more out of date than it actually is.

Attitude Dave. Stop taking the vitriol. Besides, there are zines that are way more topical than this one. Go and take a look for them, theyíre out there.

Right then, thatís it really. You can get on with reading the rest of the issue now. Sorry it took so long. It was actually ready more than a month ago, but getting the CD together took longer than I wanted or anticipated. Which means that #11 and possibly #12 may well be with you quicker than you think. Though probably not quicker than Concorde. But way more luxurious and a damn sight cheaper!

Cheers, Dave (April Ď99)

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Cynical Smile
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3 Colours Red
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3 Colours Red
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One Minute Silence / Pulkas / Liberty 37
Dai Lo / Cynical Smile
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Caffeine / Area 51
Fear Factory / Spineshank / Kilgore
The Jellys / Sack Trick
Rachel Stamp
Violation / Lysis
Henry Rollins
Cathedral / Orange Goblin
Imbalance / Freebase / 3rd Stone / Not By Choice
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Manic Street Preachers / Catatonia
Sepultura / Psycore
Slayer / Sepultura / System of a Down
Kill II This / Chokehold
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