BodyChoke - Cold River Songs.

God I love music. It’s so simple to understand. And yet so baffling. This is miserable, bleak, depressing and self indulgent. And I love it. Which maybe says more about me than the music. But how can I love this, and then slag the next thing off as being miserable bleak, depressing and self-indulgent crap? Because it’s personal. It touches a nerve. There is no right or wrong. Wankers like me writing stuff to try and convince someone means nothing, because ultimately it is down to the individual. What works for one, may not for another. The style that works for one band, might not for another, in the eyes, and ears, of the listener. Great stuff. Take a taste for yourself.

Now, I don’t know when it was released, so it could be old. It’s ©1998, but recorded Dec-Jan 97. Yet I found it in the new section a couple of weeks ago, so who knows? And what does it matter anyway.

Anyway, this miserable, bleak etc affair consists of 6 tracks, 2 of which pass the 10 minute mark, and in all it’ll take 44 minutes out of your life. It’s low brow, dense stuff, that conjures up images of the inner city, industrial, downtrodden. There’s a fair wiff of the sombre moodswings that cellos bring to music, on tracks such as Ideal Home and the closer, Aftermath.

It kind of reminds me at times of The God Machine, though I’d be loathe to say that it’s quite as good as that, but it maybe gives a general indication.

And it’s also pretentious “art” in that the sleeve is very minimal. There’s no band images, there’s very little information. Like I said, pretentious art, that in this instance I can forgive. Because I like the album and for no other reason. Lovers of eaasy listening, cheerful music are probably going to find their ideal in this release.

And according to the sleeve, they have 2 previous albums out. Looks like I’ve got to go searching again. Don’t you just love music?

Available on Purity Records.