To the future... to contribute or not to contribute that is the question.

Ok, got to say a few words here. Recently I've had a number of people, well about 6, which to me is quite a lot, ask if they can contribute reviews to the zine. Ummm, ahhh ummm. Oh I don't know. I mean, I'm flattered that people have taken the time or feel the desire to contribute, I really am, and I know that I should say yeah, because it's about helping out, getting involved etc. And God knows the zine could probably do with another persons style and whatever to stop it from getting stale. But I'm not sure. See, part of it is ego. The first issue was a slightly collaborative effort in that some people allowed me to use interviews they'd done. Then it dried up. So I spent a good year or so doing it myself. Buying the stuff, doing the interviews, typing it, printing, then paying to get it printed etc. Trying to build a style of my own I guess. I think I've now got to a point where I'm reasonably happy with it.

And now, it seems to be going well, suddenly people are interested. And part of me is reluctant to let go. It's my little baby y'know. I’m protective of it. Besides, saying you've done work experience for Yaz is going to mean absolutely fuck all. People will just look and go "what?". I'm not qualified. I've not done journalism or anything like that. I have to do a fair amount of writing within my job, but that's it. So it's not like I can give anyone any pointers or anything.

There's also a part of me that thinks that maybe people should put something together themselves. Especially those via the 'net that have asked. After all, this is where this started. I'd go to a gig and write a reflection or review the next day and put it on the web page. Easy. No printing or distribution costs. Anyway, it's not like I haven't got stuff to fill the zine. On the contrary, I run out of space each time. The time between issues is based partly on how lazy I'm feeling, and also sorting out the money to print it. So having more contributions is just going to mean that I have to pay out on a more regular basis. Plus I have a good idea in my mind what I want to do. And it doesn't include editing. Basically, I pretty much know what I want to be in #11 and #12 before #10 is even finished. Put it like this, as I write this, #11 is about half done. I’ve got a stock pile of interviews. But at the same time, I can’t really make a commitment on time and when or if things will get done. That depends on a number of factors.

Also, we need more zine's anyway. It's not like everything should be concentrated on one. Variety is needed. And it's not as if it's difficult to do. Amazes me when some people say they're not going to review as they're "having the night off." If you're at a gig, then that's enough to be able to do a review. I never take notes or anything. It’s done from the memory of just being there. If something happens that stands out, then it's enough to be able to write about and create a review out of. Write what you experience. And it only takes about 10 minutes to write it up the next day. Not difficult. It's like part of my gripe with say Kerrang! is based around the fact that it needs competition. Not in an overly competitive manner, but just to support everything. To keep them on their toes. If you want to contribute, then create a zine. Send a copy out, and it'll get reviewed and the word will spread. It's not going to make a major difference. Probably not even a minor difference. But it helps. And it's always fun and interesting to read new zines.

So I don't know about contributions. I'll see. Maybe I'll do say a 2 page slot which I'll fill with stuff people send. But please don't send now, cos if I do do it, I've got enough for that already anyway. Sorry, I'm not meaning to be awkward about this. I just think it would be better served if people created themselves.