Dai Lo - Demos

Y’know, things sometimes happen in such strange circumstances that you daren’t think what life has lined up for you next. So, I took some of the last issue of the zine to the shop, and next day there’s a note through the door. Meet up with the author and we discuss stuff, and also the fact that he’s in this band called Dai Lo. On the doorstep. Again! A promise is made to pass on a copy of some of their demo material. I half expect a slice of hardcore. Next day, a tape plonks through the door, and I pop it into the tape deck. And lo, another musical love affair is started. Y’see Dai Lo are guilty of playing music that I just happen to love. It’s heavy, yet for me, it’s so easy to listen to. Take the common elements of Faith No More and Incubus and what do you have? That’s right, a great sound. When you also have the ability, like those two bands, to write great catchy songs, what do you get? Well in this instance we get Dai Lo. And it’s so easy because it’s the style of music that changed my listening habits. And it’s so nice to know that it’s still going strong in ‘99. See, at the end of the day, trend and fashion means shit, cos it doesn’t equate to good music.

Twist the Knife is the opening track, featuring some funk style bass, nice riffing and a chorus that has you singing along the second time round. It’s a superb start that just makes you want to hear the rest of the stuff now. The anticipation is growing. Next we have World of Me, where the bridge and chorus brings that Incubus thought back to mind and has a cracking couple of time changes. It’s swiftly followed by Target which is probably the most strightforward track here. Well, until it gets to the mid section that is, and the final track I have is Junkmale which is feature on the Organ 6 compilation that you should be tracking down by now anyway. It’s not the most immediate track here, but still grows with repeated listens and basically caps a great set of songs. And it’s so good you feel a bit disappointed there’s only 4 tracks here, cos you want to hear so much more.

The crucial test is how often you play something. How about 10 times or more in a row. Cos that’s what I did when I first got it. And it’s still got a place at home right next to the stereo. For those moments when I need another quick blast. And all that’s in spite of the fact that these are just rough versions. Though the band should be back in the studio hopefully by the time you read this.

Sometimes you may wonder why it is I go on about demos, or get excited by some band that you've never heard of (and who in some unfortunate cases, you never hear of again). Well, it's because every now and again this happens. You get some decent demos and then a demo that excites you. A lot. That stands up and shouts in your face to pay attention. That makes YOU want to shout in other peoples faces about it. And if you don't pay attention, you miss out. And it can be gutting to eventually realise that. Like I've a feeling I undoubtedly did with Mangacide, from whom Dai Lo evolved. Don't let it happen here. Not everything will be perfect in demo world. But then something like this happens. And it makes it so worthwhile. It did the first time I heard the Beyond way back when. Mr Bungle demo. HWP demo. System of a Down demos. Milque. And .... And now latest latest addition is Dai Lo.

Contact: Dai Lo, 16a Clipstone Avenue, Nottingham, NG1 4GS.