Dream City Film Club In The Cold Light of Morning


Kind of not sure why it is I’m persisting with this lot. I’ve got a few of the singles, and they haven’t dazzled. But for some reason I wanted to hear an albums worth, and so when this came out, I went and bought it. Maybe it’s stupidity on my behalf, maybe it’s instinct that there’s something here I like or should like. I don’t know, but I think it’s a bit strange anyway.

Anyway, whichever way, DCFC certainly aren’t making it easy to like them. This is difficult stuff. It doesn’t really rock, not even rawwwwk in an American accent. It’s much more introspective than that. It’s quite possibly, shhh, say it quietly, art. And sometimes, like on God Will Punish The Pervert Preacher, it gets stretched out towards self-indulgence.

Available on Beggars Banquet