Dog Toffee Chrome Alley EP.

Winging it’s way to me courtesy of Daniel at Aniseed, this is the new DT EP. At least it was new when it was released a few months back. I believe it’s on its third pressing now, and its easy to see why. The band seems to be coming on in leaps. Previously they’ve been good, but there’s not been that factor that has really grabbed me and dragged me in, but from the opening of Stupid there’s the feeling that that problem is about to be resolved.

Opening track Stupid starts off slowly before it explodes reaching for the choruses and generally turning anthemic a bit. Nice one. I Spy has that little ska / reggae style guitar at the beginning. It's a sound I love a lot, but it gets a bit monotonous now that every band and his skateboard is trying it. So it needs to be done well and carefully, and here it does. And there's a chorus which sounds like "nah nah na na" which has got to be a good thing right?! Label contact address same as for Milque on the last page.

So Hard is a more hardcore esque chant along, all buzzsaw guitar raging over a gang style vocal. Which means so far we've got three different styles in three different songs. This City is the final offering here in what is a bloody good release. I believe the album should be ready sometime in the spring.

Available on Aniseed Records (which just so happens to have the Milque EP out at the same time. Don’t just buy one, buy two. Treat yourself.)