For The Life Of Me demo

Next up, FTLOM suffers immediately from sounding like it was recorded through muffled recording equipment (I’d use technical terms, but likely get them wrong!). Though it does say it was done on a 4 track. Still, it’s songs that count. And there’s 4 of them here.

Distortion overload, kind of semi-industrial music is what we’re talking about, that although it’s not entirely original isn’t offensive. I’m afraid I’m lazy, and have the name Marilyn Manson running around my head throwing a tantrum. But that’s not entirely or maybe even remotely accurate. Opening track, Running has the strongest sense of a hook running through it, This Day And Age sees the spartan industrial side shine through. Not bad. But need to sort out some better production. Sun T2V is an, um, interesting, instrumental which is kind of weird, but ultimately just runs the risk of passing you by. Even though it kinda runs for a while. Final track Facing The Fact eturns to the semi-industrial tone, adopting a fairly ominous groove, and ends a demo that has potential, but misses out on it somewhat.

Info: Brian Barr, 719 E. Pleasant, Milwaukee, WI 53202 USA.

Cheers to Johann for sending me both this and the Sledd demos. For further infor on both, check out the web zine, I.U. Deluge