Yazcore Volume 1

Ok, you're reading this on the 'net. So here's the details that accompany the zine about the CD. Enjoy. Do you want one? Well, if you do, there's a few things we have to sort out.

1 - There's only 500 of them, cos that's all I could afford to press. Once they're gone, there'll be no more.

2 - I'm doing this at no profit. If I break even I'll be lucky. So, as a result, if you're outside the UK, we may have to come to a deal because of postage costs and currency issues. Mail me and we'll see if it can be worked out (which I sincerely hope and expect it could be.)

3 - In the UK? Well, send me a mail, and I'll get back to you with the contact details and whatever.

4 - Yes, it's legit. We're talking CD plant pressing, jewel case and inlay. Not some CD-R. Therefore 3quid for a full length album and 56 page zine isn't asking a lot. That's what, less than 6 dollars for people in the States. Now maybe you can see why I need to work out a deal for overseas people.

Right, that's enough of your time, take a read of the stuff now then.

If you feel the need, then send an e-mail to me, Dave.

Well, although this is right at the start of the zine, it’s actually a last minute addition. There just wasn’t room for everything in the inlay, so rather than let the information go to waste, I decided to add another 4 pages to the zine. So this is to just kinda to introduce you to the bands behind the music.

So welcome to Yazcore Volume 1. Yazcore - a name representing the stupidity of trying to classify a type of music by use of the word "core". Yazcore represents a series of bands that are all original, and cover a wide range of styles. Open up the mind and judge the bands on the music. But even then it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all the great music across the sub genres. But if you get anything out of this, then contact the bands. Spread the word. Make things happen. The UK is alive and kicking. No matter what your particular taste, there's something out there for you. A lot of these bands have been the subject of interviews and / or reviews in Yaz. And those that haven’t yet, hopefully will be soon.

Sack Trick Perfect Today - Written by and © Chris Dale

The bizarre product of the mind of Chris Dale, formerly of The Atom Seed and Bruce Dickinson's band, Perfect Today is the opening track from Sack Tricks' Music From The Mystery Rabbits album, a star studded musical journey visiting pretty much most stops. Being released soon on Org Records, the live gigs have seen appearances by members of The Wildhearts, Rachel Stamp, Alex Dickson and more and have been stunning. Hopefully I’ll finish the interview for next issue as well.

Contact: Sack Trick PO Box 16432 London W6 OZQ.

Earthtone9 Ever You Say in,tone/Copro Records, written by Earthtone9 (Copyright Control)

Well, you should have heard of this 5 piece based in Nottingham by now, as even the mainstream press have realised the quality of their debut release, low def(inition) discord from which Ever You Say is taken. A new album, Off Kilter Enhancement is due during the summer. And there’s an interview next time.

Contact: Copro Records PO Box 4429, Hanley On Thames, Oxon RG9 1GH.

e-mail in.tone@virgin.net

Shallow Always Tomorrow (Demo Version) - Written by Shallow (Copyright Control) / © 1999 Undergroove Recordings

Touted as potentially the UKs answer to Kyuss and their like (and I’m not about to disagree with such touts), this four piece from Stoke have their debut EP now available on Undergroove Recordings. Live At Heimi Hendersons.

Contact: PO Box 172 Shrewsbury Shropshire SY3 9WL.

Web site www.undergroove.co.uk.

Milque. Shifter - Written by Milque (Copyright Control) Produced and engineered by Gavin Riach © 1999 Aniseed

A four piece based in Leeds that produced one of the best demos of 98. You should know by now how much I rate this band, I’ll leave you to listen, try and catch a gig, and then get Bone Dry, from which Shifter is taken. There was an interview in #8, but as that issue is sold out, you’re going to have to look on the website for it. Out now (distributed by Shellshock). Alternatively send 8.99 (inc. P&P) to:

Aniseed, PO Box 1289, Wolverhampton, WV9 5XR. (Please make cheques payable to 'DJ Lane').


Dog Toffee Stupid. - Written by Dog Toffee (Copyright Control) Produced by The Dogs + 2 Engineered by Royston Ollier © 1998 Aniseed

Having been on Sony for a year, Dog Toffee went their own way after being told to get a frontman. Instead they followed their own instincts, and recorded a 4 track EP for Aniseed Records, from which this track is taken. An album is being recorded, an interview was in #6, but that one’s sold out as well. Taken from the Aniseed release 'Chrome Alley EP' which is available for £3.00 (inc. P&P) (Please make cheques payable to 'DJ Lane') from:

Aniseed, PO Box 1289, Wolverhampton, WV9 5XR.


Noisegate World Of One Written by and © Noisegate

Hailing from Birmingham, Noisegate are a 5 piece dealing in metal in the Machine Head / Pantera style of things. This is a track from their initial 4 track demo, released last year. Currently in the studio as I type this recording new material that is touted to be even heavier.

Contact: Noisegate, Ian richardson, 7 Marshall House, St. Quentin Street, Pleck, Walsall, WS2 9JB.www.noisegate.net

BlowHoly Scene & Herd 1998 Ketamine Leper Music

Possibly the twisted mind and workings of just one person. Possibly. BlowHoly look to take the riffs of Black Sabbath and marry them with Jungle beats and rhythms. Bizarre? Maybe. Good? Definitely. Interview? Next issue probably. 11 track CD, Church Bizarre is now available for just £2 inc P&P.

Contact: Ketamine Leper Music, 44 Low Street, South Milford, LS25 5AS.


Monkey Boy It Came From Mars 1998 Lockjaw Records

Two bassists and a singing drummer. That is the core to Monkey Boy who are intent on producing a sound that is just a little bit different to the normal things that you hear these days and are a totally wonderful live band. Interview in #9, of which there are only a few left. It Came From Mars is taken from the Monkey On A Rocket single available on Lockjaw Records

Contact: 66 Alderbury Rd, Langley, Berks SL3 8DL.


Snub Blackout Written by and ©Snub

This is a track from the Bournemouth based quintets debut CD, 360 Conviction, which is available now on Copro records. Led by Choff (Man or Minky) a full length CD is due imminently, at which point, there might well be an interview.

Contact: Choff (Man or Minky) 60 Viscount Walk, Bearwood, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH11 4TB.


Lysis Dark Mind Rise (demo version) 1998 © Lysis

Based in Nottingham, this 5 piece are intent on making metal, and don't mind who knows that. Extreme and heavy, with a growing reputation live. This is a track from their debut 4 track demo. The band should be in the studio again in the summer.

Contact: 97 Swingate, Kimberley, Nottingham, NG16 2PU.


Chasm - Almost There (demo version) Music C. Seddon, G. Seddon & L. Heune. Lyrics P. Booth. © Chasm 1998

Chasm are a 4 piece based in Derby, whose music has touches of bands such as The Deftones and Far. Almost There is an early demo recording. The band will be recording further during the summer.

Contact: Chasm, 10 Garfield Close, Littleover, Derby, DE23 7TF

Breakneck Surface Written by Breakneck

Being described as a "new metal" band is perhaps a little unfair on Breakneck, who hail from somewhere. There are elements within their music, but there's enough talent there to see the band establish their own identity.

Contact: JMG Agency 01491 575516

Gorilla Superstar © Viper Records

Sadly Gorilla split up during '98, playing their final gig in their hometown of Derby on Halloween. The band released 4 EPs, though Superstar is previously unreleased. There were a few interviews with the band in Yaz, though both issues are now sold out. Hopefully members of the band will resurface in other outfits soon.

Little10 - Carpee © Little 10 1998

Carpee is a track taken from the demo of this band based in East Sussex. Having played gigs with Earthtone9, they currently have an excellent 6 track EP called Frail available. Quality songs are the basis upon which they build, and the foundations here are solid.

Contact: Little 10, 79 North Way, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 3HB.

Dai Lo Twist The Knife © Dai Lo, Written by Dai Lo (Copyright Control).

Arising from the ashes of Mangacide, Dai Lo are a four piece based in Nottingham. Playing a brand of music that might be likened to Incubus and Faith No More, they have a track Junkmale on the Org Radio 6 CD, which is worth checking out. The demo material is awesome. More should be available soon with the possibility of a split single with BlackRock (who are also based in Nottingham and if you like stoner then you should definitely check out). You’ll read more soon, trust me.

Contact: Dai Lo, 16a Clipstone Avenue, Nottingham NG1 4GS

http://www.mangacide.couk.com/ E-mail danpike@hotmail.co.uk or russmartin@proweb.co.uk

3rd Stone - No One

A six piece hardcore band featuring two vocalists and based in Nottingham and have recently supported the likes of Better Than A Thousand,Earth Crisis and Stampin' Ground. No One is taken from their latest demo. An interview like thing is a distinct possibility in the near future.

Contact: 3rd Stone c/o Thumb Music, OPM House, Haydn Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 2LB.

E-mail danpike@hotmail.co.uk

The Babies Three - Untitled Number One

A very very last minute addition when it was discovered there was a couple of minutes free space on the CD. And because they're such a good band whose album Homosexual Love Ballads is well worth getting, and were stunning live the other night which convinced me to try and find some space on here. And cos there's not been enough of their style of music on here. I’ll tell you more next issue. Taken from the Rydell/Sunfactor/Babies Three split CD on Scene Police.

Contact: 4 Cuthbert Road, Westgate on Sea, Kent, CT8 8NR.

Thanks to all the people who have helped out with this, through advice, encouragement, donation of music and whatever. And especially those that helped in bailing me out at the last moment! If I name names, I’ll forget someone. You know who you are. Wow, I just got to do that mysterious and pretentious “you know who you are thing.” Rawwwwwk.

So there you are, now go and listen to the CD. If you like anything, contact the bands, give them the feedback and the support that they need. Help to make things happen. Whatever style you like, there’s plenty of excellent bands out there (I’ve got so much to tell you next ish), and there’s plenty of zines covering them, such as Organ, Fracture, Aniseed, Undergroove, Intoxicated, BB Zine, Vision On, The Kids Will Have Their Say, Itchy Bum, FireFight, Black Velvet, Godreah and way more.Why not suggest to some of the major player magazines (you know the ones), that these bands are more than worthy of inclusion in their fine publications, or that it might be kind of fun if they included oooh, say 5 new bands on their free CDs in the future instead of just the usual suspects.