HHH - Demo CD

Picked this up after seeing the band at the hardcore all-dayer. It’s a 5 track affair of old style hardcore that shows promise despite a production that is less than perfect in places with the vocals in particular suffering a bit.

Lyrically it deals in the old positive living, and I get the impression there’s more than an element of straight edge in things. Which is fair enough if it’s not done in a preaching manner. And this isn’t. In fact, it seems to see vocalist Dan questioning himself on Importance. Best of all though is final track Pitbull, which is a reaction to the senseless and mindless violent dancing that occurs so often at gigs, and it seems especially some of the “scene” hardcore gigs. It isn’t big and it isn’t clever, and it can alienate those that aren’t into the whole macho thing. So as far as I’m concerned, full marks to the band for standing up and saying that. And there’s a guitar solo at the end as well! If they can (or want) to sort out the production, then it’s a promising start.

£2: Contact: Tom, 418a Alfreton Road, Nottingham UK: Tel 0115 9701582