Jello Biafra - If Evolution Is Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Evolve

I think amidst all this excitement of gigs and interviews that it’s time for a CD review don’t you? Well, if you don’t, best to nip off elsewhere in this issue until you do think that, then you can pop back here and have a read of this.

When he does his thing, he does it in detail and in depth. And that’s the case with this spoken word release from the man Biafra. Taking over 3 CDs, yep 3, there is a shitload of information here. Some is relatively obvious, and to an extent, preaching to the converted (the details on what’s happening lately in the States regarding music censorship, and the new attempts to rate live gigs). Some may not be so obvious, such as the Space Shuttle with 72lbs of plutonium on board, that is scheduled to do a “fly-by” of the Earth next year. Hope it doesn’t go wrong.

There’s information regarding the Mumia Abu Jamal case, as Alternative Tentacles of course have issued the radio broadcasts that the man recorded that were pulled from air just before they were due to be broadcast. And so much more.

Although it’s a lot of information to absorb, Biafra manages to put it across in a manner that is often funny and moving. But still retaining the essence of the message. There are times you can feel patronised, but you can feel that about anyone. Essential. Especially if you can’t be bothered (or haven’t the time) to read about everything!

Available on Alternative Tentacles.