Nothingface -An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity.

Well, I've read a bunch of reviews of this lot now which have basically been along the lines of "I know nothing about these, but why not? This is a great album." So, spotting a trend, and being a trend jumping person, I thought I'd follow suit. So, I know nothing about these, why not? This is a good album. Ah see, there's a difference, I said good. I think sometimes the word great gets thrown around too much. What we have here is a distinctly metal album.This is heavy stuff, in the vein of say a Machine Head style, but with some nice melodic passages as well, as evidenced on So Few And the songs don't outstay their welcome. Villans highlights the melodic side, though it's still downbeat. It gets spoilt by doing the obligatory heavy section towards the end, that every band seems to feel they have to do on these types of songs. It would be nice to just sustain the real flow and feel of the song once in a while instead of conforming. Though I'm sure that would mean enduring cries of "sellout" and "they've gone soft."

The album is almost over too soon, a good thing, leaving you wanting more, not too bored. A nice effort that fans of the heavier, yet still melodic side of of things will enjoy. Probably.

Of course, naming yourself after a masterpiece Voivod album is always a good move as well!

Available on Mayhem Records