Off Target

I think this is the debut 4 track offering from this band. I've read reviews of their demos in the past, which had led me to anticipate some kind of Dead Kennedys clone band. Which as a DK's fan I'd like, but as a fan of the DKs and what they stand for, I'd not like. But they're not. Yeah, I can detect shades in opening track Follow, but there's nothing blatant there. Off Target deal in that melodic punk sort of thing, and aren't afraid to go for some little time changes and stuff like that.

Track 3 Searchlight, features a neat bass line driving the song along, I think that's one of the commonalities I hear with the DKs in here, are those cool bass fills that they always had. The CD ends with Red Letter Day, a speedy yet melodic little blast which unleashes a riff at the end that is so familiar. God no, I was thinking the Wildhearts riff there. There goes my punk credibility then.

And as you'd expect from a punk band, 4 tracks are over in 12 minutes. I like it. It's definitely got more in common with punk in terms of the music than a lot of stuff that exists. Well worth your

time investigating. Get the wallet off your chain. It's a CD single,

so appropriate costs then.

Contact: 43 Weavers Hill, Fullerslade, Milton Keynes MK11 26N.