Org Radio 6 - Get Out Of The Goddamn Pool Suzie There’s Big Ugly Sharks In There

See look, 2 Org compilations in one issue. That’s the way they work. Anyway, what we have here is a continuation in the Org Radio series. This particular shiny circular object is concerned with the UK metal scene. Which just so happens to be doing very nicely thankyou. And if you don’t believe me, then grab a copy of this and find out for yourself. And if you do believe me, then I’ll trust that you’ve already sorted out getting your copy.

Anyway, there’s 19, count em, bands on here. Cynical Smile are elsewhere in this here issue, Earthtone9 you already know have a wonderful album out, OMS, well, some people may have heard of them, Iron Monkey are damaging lugholes and baffling me in the same instant, Pulkas contributing a non-album version of Control and the Medulla Nocte finish the album in the way only they can. They’re the establishment. But the good thing about these CDs are the new stuff they introduce you to. Rachel Stamp, with their glammy take on things are a band that just don’t do anything for me.

Little Big Drug, so it claims, possibly have two members of Napalm Death in their ranks, though you wouldn’t guess it from the melody and structure. A surprise to say the least, and now you want Org to hurry up and release the album. Dai Lo are pretty wonderful and contribute Junkmale, which ironically is, to me at least, one of their weaker tracks. Well, that may or may not be ironic, but if Alanis Morisette can screw up the use of that word and get away with millions of sales, then I can do it here. Ironic, cos it’s still a great song! They are seriously good.

Knuckles contribution "Stoolie" starts off with a sound that is familiar. Off kilter. It's a sound that I like if I could only remember who it sounds like. It's going to be something totally off target probably. Voivod. Something like that from say the Angel Rat album. Stoopi offer up a riff heavy track which borders the Pantera like metal with a tinge of hardcore sort of boundary.

Fister with Dignity is strange. According to the sleeve notes by Mr Org (or did Suzie do them) there's a lot heavier stuff than this by the band. Cos this sounds to me like a cross between Radiohead and Suede. Be interested to hear the heavier stuff though. And anyone that throws in a Faith No More line of "I never felt better now" has got to be ok.

Huge Baby. Finally I get to hear this almost mythical creature. Org has raved about them, I managed to pretty much miss them on the Napalm Death tour, so finally. Problem is you can build expectations a bit too high. But that's ok this time. This sounds good. A drum beat that is partly industrial in its precision, but also partly like one a band called Loud did years ago on their debut album, it's married with an atmospheric riff and drives along at a fair old pace.

Global Noise Attack offer an industrial style racket that is heavy on the riff and not as inaccessible as I thought it might have been. Yeah, I do still have some pre-conceived notions about some bands before listening, despite my protests about people doing it. It's unfair, but it still happens. But I was wrong, to the extent that I may pick up a copy of the album.

Muy Feo sets out slowly, moody, twangy even. It's a downbeat affair which hasn't dragged me in as yet. Kane take Highway 60, and by the sounds of it they're being pursued by the police there. Don't know what it is about the band and numbers, but the other track I've heard by them is Get Up 52, which I tend to prefer. Though this grows on you in that slow chuggy riff creeping up behind you kind of way. What do you mean you've never experienced that? You've never lived then!

Inimenter I think received a 10 for their demo in Metal Hammer, and I've still not sent off for it. Slap wrists Dave, and force yourself to read ten times all the patronising bits you've read about people not doing anything. Well, it was my mistake. I will try to rectify it as Blunt is an interesting piece of work. Switching between a laid back and a double bass driven section. Smart.

Can I sulk now and ask why it is Mr Org always finds out about so much good stuff so early. “Well, it’s cos he listens and cares about it.” Bah humbug. Plus he comes up with great titles.

Go on, go and get your copy now. Oh, you need the contact address again? Ok, take note this time. It’s

Org Records Ltd. Unit 212, The Old Gramaphone Works, 326 Kensal Road, London, W10 5BZ.