The Playlist.

Garbage - Both albums (will someone please drag me away from these, I wasn’t supposed to like them!)

Plexi - Cheer Up (got me through the week that I’m going to deny)

Milque - Bone Dry (go on, go and buy it!)

Jets To Brazil (I told you I’d end up listening to this one!)

Dai Lo - Various wonderful demo tracks

Little 10 - Frail E.P. (truly excellent).

Organ Radio 6 - (If you like what’s on the Yaz CD, or just the idea of hearing new UK bands, hell, new bands in general, then check this out. They’ve been doing it longer, bigger and better than I have, now go and buy this one as well.)

Sick Of It All - Call To Arms

SOD - Speak English Or Die

Nuclear Rabbit - Intestinal Fortitude

Sophia - Bastards (track from the Infinite Circle CD)

Bodychoke - Cold River Songs

Portishead - NYC Live

BlowHoly - Church Bizarre

The Babies Three - Homosexual Love Ballads

Grand Central - demo cd (more next time)

Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist

Hero - demos

And, of course, the YAZ CD.

But really, there’s so much great stuff at the mo. Too much to list.