Stampin Ground / Knuckledust

Second release on Blackfish Records, this is a 5 track affair. A new track each from both bands, then they cover one of each others songs, and finish with a collaboration on the cover of the Agnostic Front track. It’s principally to show the unity of this scene, a fact covered in the sleeve notes, and also the list of distros and zines that support the scene and is included within the booklet. Stampin’ Ground prove that the latest album is no fluke with their new track and KD cover. And they benefit once more from a seriously good production. Knuckledust, like on their split CD with Indecision, scare the shit out of me. Talk about snarling in your face, and as ever it sounds raw. And what more can really be said about an AF cover. You either like, or you don’t.

4 quid (cheques to Blackfish Records). Available from PO Box 15, Ledbury, HR8 1YG