3 Colours Red

Beautiful Day

God, is it happening, am I becoming a 3CR fan? Dunno really, but, I enjoyed the last gig I saw of theirs (well save the pointless Anarchy In The UK cover), and I’ve gone and bought one of their bleedin’ singles.

The title track, well you’ll know it by now. It’s a string drenched ballad style thing. And it is good. But it also is no different in some respects to the power ballad that became infamous in the late 80s. Sorry, I was being nice to the band now wasn’t I? It is a good song though, and at the day you can’t get away from that. Though doesn’t he sound a bit like Bryan Adams on the vocals at times? Plenty of emotion in there, well if you take tracks like this as sincere. And that probably depends on whether you like the particular track or not. The two bonus tracks here pale a bit in comparison.

Tribute To Nothing - Enemy

Yep I know, months old this one, but I’ve only just found a copy in the shops, and as I’ve seen them twice without buying any of their stuff, I figured it was about time that was rectified.

Title track Enemy is a bit catchy, melodic hardcore sing-a-long, though the mid section where it all slows down feels a bit pointless to be honest. Second track Sickness, while not being as good as Enemy isn't bad. It's just that it feels a bit workmanlike. I keep hoping that it's just going to blow me away and make me HAVE to buy the album. But it doesn't. And maybe that's why, with so much stuff out there, I've not gotten around to TTN studiowise. The final track Lose, is a 5 1/2 minute instrumental which does nothing for me.

Available on Lockjaw Records.

Divers - Little Less Nothing

Yeah, Fyffe’s new band. Yeah it’s a few months old, but I only just found a copy. And it may be the fact that I know it’s Fyffe drumming, but boy does it sound distinctive from the very start. And I don’t think it’s everyday you say that about a drummer. Well you may, but I don’t. Anyway, I’m sure he’d be pissed as hell if it was reviewed just on that basis, so let’s do it properly. 3 tracks, and it’s energetic and scuzzy stuff, that does little on first listen, but after a few attempts does start to worm its way in. Not classic by any means, but it’s certainly not bad stuff at all. In fact, if I were to be naughty again, I’d say it was reminiscent of early Therapy? in it’s energy, and to an extent, its style. Available on Track Records

Liberty 37 - Revolution.

Released in the same week I saw them at Dudley, this proves that they need to be listened to properly before judged. The title track is possibly the most accessible, yet the rockiest moment they’ve so far done. And although not immediate, there’s a damn fine hook in there as well.

wanted to be, 16 17 / went to sleep in 1979

woke up you'd not achieved anything / take what you want - revolution

It might not sound much on paper, but neither does most stuff. Trust me, it works.

Track 2 opens on the back of a classic riff, more atmospheric and is probably more representative of the bands previous material. I almost think of Soundgarden when listening to it. But then Kim Thayil's beard puts me off. Classic rock style, and even a guitar solo.

That classic feel continues with the Zeppelinesque riff that drives final track and finishes another single of high quality from the Welsh wonders. The album should be worth checking out. But they’re a band you have to persist with. Don’t expect the quick fix. The proverbial grower.

Available on Beggars Banquet.

Little10 - Frail EP Well, after a demo for last issue, I received another 6 track affair from this lot. And it continues to build on the promise of the first demo. The excellent Carpee and Tramp have been re-recorded, benefiting from a better production. This time round the emphasis seems to be more firmly on relatively simple song structures. Which isn’t a criticism, instead a benefit. It makes it much more accessible than a lot of stuff around at the moment which some may argue covers a lack of songwriting skill with effects. Here the song writing is coming through. Bill Murray and Through The Window (great intro) prove that. Slip shows that they can still mix in the heaviness when needed. But it’s restrained and they chose their moments. Double-Breasted is maybe the most complex moment here, and sees the band expanding their sound more. An excellent EP. Lot of promise and a lot of quality here as far as I’m concerned. I want to see this lot live. Check them out.

Contact: Little10, 79 North Way, Seaford, East Sussex BN25 3HB.