Sledd demo

Ah, here we go again. Time for me to be lazy. Guitar effects, vocals that build up to that anguished roar, phat sounds all round. You know what it is, and the sound is Korn. Yeah it’s a lazy comparison, but there’s so many bands doing this now, and the really sad thing is that they’re not bad. BUT, there’s no variety. The vocal style goes with the guitar type goes with the drum beat y’know. Try mixing some of the stuff around a little. It sometimes sounds like there must be no other type of music out there, and that’s just not the case. So what you get here are 4 tracks of that style of music. It’s not bad, as opening track Manufucter, with its swirling guitar demonstrates. But it has so much competition to face. And at the end of the day, a couple of years down the line, this stuff isn’t going to get signed. Because the scene will have imploded and things will have moved on towards whatever the industry decides is to be the next saviour of music.

I don’t want to write that sort of thing when reviewing a demo, but I don’t know what else to write. I mean, I like this music, but I’m just getting sick of it. Korn set the goal posts for this new musical sound with their debut album, before they started missing the entire pitch with their follow up shots. Deftones kinda rearranged those goalposts, and then System of a Down wandered onto the pitch, picked them up and ran off laughing into the sunset, watching all the others trying to shoot and score. Course they get nowhere near, as they don’t even know where they’re aiming. And the reason System did that, was because they mixed things. Variety. Not just one style, not just one approach. It was distinct. It was different.

Ack, that’s not fair on this demo. It’s more a general observation. The remaing three tracks, Sissy, Thought So, and World Of continue the theme. You know what you’re getting, and there’s a good Davis vocal impression on Sissy.

Ultimately, if you’re dead keen on this style of music, then you might well want to check out another variation. If not, well, there are more styles out there.

Info: Johann Flood 2322 Chaney, Clinton, IA 52732, USA.