Strangelands - Soundtrack

Yet another soundtrack. Which makes it a YAS. Distant relation maybe. Brought to me, and therefore you, by Vickie’s recordings. Let’s not beat around the bush, my primary interest in this album is the unreleased System of a Down track, Marmalade. But with a track listing including the tragic Snot, Coal Chamber and more, it’s highly likely that there’s a “primary interest” for most people here. It’s actually a mixed bag sort of thing. One minute it’s sooo modern, the next minute traditional. Which is fun in a way, cos it shows that the two generations can actually live together without a big fight and throwing their handbags around.

So you’ve got a bunch of heavy already released stuff ranging from Anthrax - awesome, to Pantera - stagnating, to Soulfly - over-rated. You’ve got the new metal thing from Snot - different, to Coal Chamber - hmm, better than I thought it would be, to System of a Down - takes the proverbial shit over every other band on here because they are one of the best bands to emerge in years. Statement of fact, you are not allowed to argue cos it’s my zine and I’ll get all stroppy with you if you do!

Then there’s the hmm, that’s like a throwback to the 80s, of Megadeth - boy does that sound commercial and like some 80s band, to Backyard Babies - I know they’re not 80s, but its in the music, to Twisted Sister - well obviously. Then there’s Mazza from when his band were half decent, Kid Rock which I’m sure is phat with a pimprawk stuck on top for good measure, Bile - not as bad as I was expecting to whatever else I forgotten. Oh yeah, Nashville Pussy. Yeah well, you can’t win them all now can you. And more.

Course, if you want to take it purely and simply as an album that is a statement of now, then you should be out there buying it. When they reduce the price a bit more that is.