Understand / Jetpak - Split

Cunning name for a CD single split between two bands. Makes you wonder why no-one else has done that before! Oh they have. Well strike me down with a milkshake.

In fact, a Screwtop Milkshake, which is the first of the two offerings from Understand. I thought they must've departed to the great band graveyard having disappeared out of sight after the debut album that was released on East/West many moons ago. And I'm sure this track was on a demo in '97. Anyway, whatever, it's a 2 minute piece of music that'll probably still get them loosely tagged as hardcore. That Quicksand style of melodic stuff. It's not bad, but it just doesn't get time to get going and stick in the mind.

JetPak I've heard of, and I don't just mean the old Spectrum game from many years ago. Ah yeah, I can be sad and remember that far back. Where's that anorak. Not bad in a slightly poppier vein than Understand. Could be worth checking out.

Available on Gravitate