Withdrawn demo.

Picked this demo up at the all dayer as well. So, given that, I'm reckoning it's probably going to be labelled hardcore of some description. For me it's extreme metal, and is actually pretty good. Listen out for that scream in the middle of opening track Bloodaxe. Straight from the Slayer "Angel of Death" stable. Or should that be school. Old school at that. Unfortunately it's on a blank tape, and though the production sounds decent in places, the tape sounds like it's a second or third generation copy, and there's no drop outs as such, but the volume and quality does fluctuate. Them's the chances you sometimes take with demos. The Slayer effect, at least the guitar sound raises its head again in the opening to Cries. There’s plenty of X’s about the packaging of the tape, which quite possibly indicate a straightedge band, and the lyrics, if you wish to interprate them that way, also suggest it, such as one final track Incinerate.

Your vices consume you whole / and spit you back out / shell of your former self / too weak to keep control

A decent enough tape for lovers of the heavier / hardcore side of metal. And as I picked it up at the all dayer, it could be well old for all I know, as there’s no indication of when it was recorded. You takes your chance.

Contact: 16 High Street, Garling, Kent CT9 5LN.